Will anyone hire me?


I am an unemployed 24 year old White Male living in USA-California with 6 years experience in the Grocery Retail/Customer Service Industry.
I can read and speak at a basic level in the Mandarin Language.
I went to Taiwan for 2 weeks back in 2006 to teach English to children with a Chinese church called TCBC: USA-CA, Pleasanton.
While i was there i fell in love with the food, culture/people and language but, haven’t searched for another opportunity there until now.
I only have a High School Diploma and was officially certified at EASTBAY WORKS to type 50 wpm.

Are there any employeers hiring in Taiwan needing my skills?
Are there any employeers in Taiwan who will help me with the Work Permit/ARC process?

Short answer, no and no!

lol…well i guess that answers that!

You could try working for the church again?

it was a summer vacation bible school program…

There are special rules in place for religious workers, i.e. missionaries. If your church is trying to convert the heathens, there is a possibility you could get in on that. Otherwise it would be very, very difficult without a college diploma. If your sole interest is coming to Taiwan, you could find another job in CA and save up some cash, then come here to study Chinese for a bit. You could also earn money on the side doing private tutoring, but once again, finding a full-time position would be pretty tough. (That’s not my opinion – the law makes it difficult to hire any foreigner without a Master’s degree or at the very very least a bachelor’s degree.)

Don’t mind Bigduke6. He always gets grumpy when people ask questions about work. :slight_smile:

I would study for a few years, IE get a bachelors somehow, and then use that to come here. A masters would be better. If you can do that, you should stand a better chance.

However, 24 years, working in supermarkets up to now, no post high school education, no, you will not find a job here easily. And no employer would sponsor you for a work permit, because that would not be possible.

A few very strong people have at your age and younger managed, though, however I do not think they are easy acts to follow. The former poster known as Llary came here with no education as 18 year old. He had a succesful company though, and used that to get his residence Visa. If you have or start a business succesful enough to pay the bills, and also one you can run from anywhere, then you could try that route. You need to be stronger than strong though.

Thanks Mr He and HokWongWei for the information! I did take one semester of Mandarin back in 2005 before my trip to Taiwan in 2006…I got an A/4.0 !!
When I applied for the next level up my teacher felt that I was too good for that class and put me in the highest level offered…I dropped the class within the first week because I hadn’t learned the reading and writing of the other levels but the conversationally I was better then the other students. Then after that I got a private tutor for several more years…but I keep forgeting alot of what I learn all the time unfortunately! I NEED IMMERSION …lol :slight_smile:
Im no good at Math, Science or History however i do like to think critically especially about the worlds current events but I HATE WRITING…lol :slight_smile:
I do like logistics too especially grocery store logistics and because of that I have just been offered a job with a Grocery Chain for an “in-store” position as of August 5, 2013 lol yaaaaay for me :slight_smile:
Its not Walmart or Costco though…but I have thought of going that route for possibly getting into China, Hong Kong or Taiwan.