Will APRC be sponsored by employer?

Hey guys,

I just wanted to ask about your experience on applying APRC. For the last 4 years my company is helping me extend my ARC yearly. I was just wondering if they will still apply APRC on the 5th year for me or I have to apply it on my own? How was your experience about it, did your employer still help you to apply APRC?

Thanks in advance.

Though I’m not sure whether company can apply it for you as an agent, it is not on the 5th year but the 6th year, and it is not sponsored by company. It is on your own.

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Has it changed? I got it after having had ARC for 5 years. And I had to apply for it, not the company. It’s something that doesn’t need sponsorship.

Some companies will pay for it for you. My employer paid for mine many years ago though I think it’s quite unusual.

I thought it’s after 5 years too.

I was thinking to ask our HR about this but luckily I asked here first.
I guess I have to apply it by myself.
Thanks for your reply.

doesn’t the 5th year mean you have been here for 4 years?

if sponsor means the application fee, it depends on your employer.

Now I’m back into thinking to ask our HR again :sweat_smile:
Maybe there are some exceptions?

I guess the confusion here comes after your response to his assumption. He said on his fifth year as in his fifth anniversary, so after having hold ARC for five years. I guess that “on his fifth year” could be understood in both ways, but what can I know anyway, my native language is Ayapaneco,

What I meant by 5th year was exactly have been here for 5 years.
Yes I meant the application fee when I said sponsor.
Sorry for lots of confusion.

Thanks for the clarification.

Why would an employer do this? You should apply on your own, as it gives you residence and (with one extra small step) open work rights in Taiwan. If you imagine being in Taiwan beyond five years—and if you’re eligible!—it’s totally worth getting an APRC.


It costs 10,000 NT for the application fee. Most companies are not willing to pay this for you. I think @spaint’s case is a very very rare one.

The application fee is an investment in your future opportunities. Don’t let it be a deciding factor either way.


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I have an APRC question but don’t think it deserves a new thread , I’m not trying to thread jack here but one question.
Is being currently employed a requirement for the APRC, such as , if I’m employed now and quit, and get that 6 month looking for employment ARC, can I still apply for APRC or do you need to be employed and must submit the work permit

I had my company apply when I was eligible, they paid the fee as they would have been paying the ARC fees anyway. The open work permit I applied for separately, on my own :wink:

You apply for/sponsor your own. My company hired someone to handle the paperwork/application and paid the fee even though they wouldn’t be the sponsor any longer. It saved them from having to renew the arc every couple of years.