"Will call you in ten minutes" - What's up with this?

Eh not sure where to put this but what the heck.

So I have experience a few times already when I call an establishment and they get my number, told me they get back to me in 10 minutes, but after awhile… even the next day, you don’t heard them back.

Is that normal or are they just avoiding english speaking clients/customers/people?

I called Anytime Fitness yesterday because I am not sure if I left my jacket there, told me she will call me back but haven’t heard since yesterday.

I called Factory Fitness an hour ago to inquire regarding membership. Nada…

Is this normal in Taiwanese culture? [Actually, I have other experience similar - but this is the latest]

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Sounds like the same ol’ save-face manœuvre. Instead of saying No directly, just say something and never do it.


I suspect this to be a large part of it wrt your inquiry about membership, since that’s not quite as simple as just saying yes or no and would require them to explain something at length in English.

I’d recommend looking for smaller privately owned gyms and avoiding the big chains. There’s a level of professionalism there that doesn’t exist for places like World Gym and etc.

Just think of this as the Taiwanese equivalent of “The check is in the mail.”


Had this problem big time recently and they lost a sale. Eslite under Taipei station offered to call another shop to see if the watch was in stock. She said 20 minutes. I came back 40 minutes later, no calls.

I don’t know if she didn’t call the other store, or if the other store didn’t return her call. Anyway, bought the watch at FNAC.

Not the first time.

Did you communicate in English or Mandarin? I recently did something similar through Eslite (had to hold something from a different branch because the branch where I was shopping didn’t have it) and had no problem. She told me she would call me back in about 30 minutes and she did. Shortly after that I got what I was looking for at the other branch.

Both. We both spoke both and her English was better than most so I was expecting good things.

Oh hey good news, Fitness Factory called lol.

Apparently 10 minutes is not a real 10 minutes.

And c’mon, I am giving them business, they better call me back.

The main reason I opt to get a bigger chain is because I need some equipment that are not found in smaller privately owned gym (is there even such a thing in here? I mean, like a private gym that has deadlift platforms, hack squat, plate loaded machines, and some random BB equipment?).

I know everyone is quick to blame the face concept and I’m not saying that’s not part of it, but I also think customer service in most places can be pretty hit and miss in general.

I see. Yeah, I typically don’t see much equipment beyond the basics in smaller gyms.

How the hell do you quote here?


I was with Anytime Fitness, and I am getting annoyed with the fact that I have to do a lot of modification - the equipment is so basic and that there is only one squat rack and one smith machine (and one for cable with lacking straight bar). (For all of you interested to know, this is AF Xihu)

The staff there are friendly tho. I like the environment. But the journey and the lack of equipment makes me decide to wave goodbye. I’m now considering either World Gym or Fitness Factory, which have closer branch to me. I’m actually annoyed that Nangang does not have similar gym (or the fact that Academia Sinica has the shittiest gym I ever seen).

Welcome to the land of “cha bu duo la!”

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It’s probably just you.


No different than the US when people act fake friendly and say “hey we should hang out sometime” and then never follow up. This kind of stuff does happen in the West too.


Highlight and push ‘quote.’



Did you give them the impression that you’re gay?
I think a lot of gyms here don’t really like gay people.

Like @Andrew0409, he goes to the gym a lot and he hates gay people.


Pretty certain they are gayer than me.


Quit trying to scare off our newbies! Does kitty need his catnip?

But, that was pretty funny. Not sure if @Andrew0409 will agree…

I quit going to World Gym Zhongxiao because gay guys trying to make eye contact when exercising and even when naked in the locker room.


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