Will changing address on ARC notify tax office of landlord not paying rent?

I’m using an agent to find a place to live and one place I was interested in is one where the landlord doesn’t pay tax. The landlord initially agreed to rent to me, but then learning that I needed to change my address on my ARC decided not to rent to me. He was afraid that the tax office would find out when I updated my ARC address. Does this landlord have any reason to fear this?

I doubt it. I think the big flag would be you itemizing your rent when you do your taxes.

Just tell him you won’t change your address, then change it. Makes about as much sense as him not wanting you to comply with the law because he’s not complying.

there must be hundreds of expats who rent from landlords who don’t pay taxes. yet the tax office doesn’t seem to know about their landlords not paying taxes.i assume their arc is correct in where they live.