Will Guam tip over?

“Rep. Hank Johnson, a supporter of all things Obama, was questioning whether the U.S. should station additional naval personnel on the island of Guam when his true fears were revealed. As you watch, just keep in mind… a wide majority of people in his district sent him to Washington. He cast a vote for socialism. And he’s concerned about global warming. If you ever needed evidence that it’s time to clean out our Capitol, here’s Exhibit A:”
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Rarely have I seen such a public display of blatant stupidity. Kudos to the Admiral for keeping a straight face and not bursting out laughing at this knuckle-head.

I am busting my gut laughing. He was talking soooooo slow.
I sounds like he was just in the head puffin’ of a few doobies.

What a moron!

But it kind of reminds me of the “Almost all of the American exports go abroad” and “I know the human being and fish can coexist peacefully” and other Bushisms
You guys sure have 'em.

Please tell me that man has no power to make any decisions what so ever!

[quote=“House Bio”]
About Hank Johnson

A member of the Armed Services and Judiciary Committees, he Chairs the Judiciary Subcommittee on Courts and Competition Policy that is responsible for antitrust legislation and oversees administration of the federal courts.


Prior to his election to Congress, Rep. Johnson served twelve (12) years as a DeKalb County magistrate judge, five (5) years as a county commissioner and three (3) years as chair of the DeKalb County Budget Committee.

Rep. Johnson practiced civil and criminal law in DeKalb County for twenty-seven (27) years. A staunch supporter of public education, he is a graduate of the District of Columbia Public Schools, Clark College in Atlanta and the Thurgood Marshall School of Law at Texas Southern University. Rep. Johnson is married to Attorney Mereda Davis Johnson and has two children.[/quote]

he might be stupid, but people tend to cast votes for those they identify with and feel comfortable with.

However, saying ‘he cast a vote for socialism’ because he supports Obama is a bit rich. typical [color=#008000]republican[/color] slander.

Wow. I’d read abou this today, but I’d not seen it. I don’t even have words. He really does seem like he’s just been hitting the bong. Unbelievable.

“Cast a vote for socialism” The irony of someone believing that Johnson voted for “socialism” while claiming that Johnson is “stupid” is rich. Which belief is dumber? That a center-right establishment politician who drives a republican health plan through a dem congress is a socialist, or that Guam could tip over? It’s a toss up.

Anyone, the geology of Guam is quite interesting. It’s karst, and karst is always both lovely and fascinating (was in Vang Vieng in Laos last month, great karst topography)

caves.org/pub/journal/JCKS/P … ylroie.pdf

[ul]Guam’s complex depositional and tectonic histories have endowed it with a unique legacy of karst features. The northern half is a Pleistocene karst plateau in Plio-Pleistocene limestone units that exhibit all the characteristic karst features of carbonate islands, from the simplest to the most complex. The epikarst is similar to that on other carbonate islands. Most closed depressions are broad and shallow, probably reflecting original depositional morphology, although vertical-walled collapse and banana-hole type features are also present. Caves include a few pit caves, some of which are very deep. Traversable stream caves occur where the limestone-basement contact is exposed on the flanks of volcanic outcrops. The most abundant caves are flank margin caves, which can be found all along the modern coast, and which occupy distinct horizons in the faces of the cliff line surrounding the plateau. Discharge features have been documented for three types of coastline around the northern plateau: (1) deeply scalloped embayments with broad beaches; (2) linear beaches fronted by fringing reefs; and (3) sheer cliffs with narrow or no benches, and only occasional small reefs. In the embayments, karst groundwater discharges by diffuse flow from numerous seep fields and as concentrated flow from springs along the beach. Seeps are found along the linear beaches, but we have not noted significant flow from springs or coastal caves. Along the cliff-dominated coast, karst groundwaters discharge in spectacular flows from dissolutionwidened
fractures, coastal caves, and submarine vents, most notably along the northwest coast.[/ul]

The latest spinn on this guy, and you can guess from which side of the aisle it coming from, is that he has Hepatitus C and its affecting his speech and thought patterns.
Sounds like the playing the ‘victim-card’ to me, but if that is the case, he should not be continuing in ‘public service’ if these are the results of that affliction.

[quote]However, saying ‘he cast a vote for socialism’ because he supports Obama is a bit rich. typical [color=#008000]republican[/color] slander.[/quote]The Representative is a Democrat and he is in total alignment with the Obama agenda. If you wish to characterize that stating that fact as “slander” then you must be in agreement that his positions are detrimental to good governmental practices.

original comment withdrawn by poster and snipped by mod.[/color]

And its a curve ball tossed by Vorko…outside the lines…the umpire calls it…ball1!

The guy’s a moron. It is not a shock that of what about 450 congressmen, there are gonna be a whole bunch of people ignorant on anything remotely scientific, I bet if you polled the US population, you’d find 5-10% might believe that were possible. But that’s no excuse for a guy in power.

On the other hand:

Suppose your average congressmen is at least three times as educated and less religious as the “average American” in the poll (I know - even that’s a stretch), still, 20+% of congressmen believe “angels and demons are active in the world”, and 5-6% believe they have had an encounter with one.

Just sayin’…

I have a question about your current signature, TC, you quote Noam Chomsky (the author not the Forumosa poster), is that a criticism of Chomsky? Because I’m fairly certain he was criticizing the US media in that statement, and not suggesting things be done that way.

The guy was wondering about the impact of having additional troops on Guam.

He’s a horrible speaker.

“Tip over” was a metaphor.

He says “No one likes to think about global warming and coral reefs.”

He has the talking points but he’s not quite adept at making a point.

Why does this make him socialist?

Ask the author of that supposed statement.

Far be it for me to kill the messenger, TC. :laughing:

But why “supposed?” It’s right on the page.

[quote=“hardball”][quote=“TainanCowboy”]Ask the author of that supposed statement.[/quote]Far be it for me to kill the messenger, TC. :laughing:
But why “supposed?” It’s right on the page.[/quote]Ask the blog writer who wrote it. Look, its early, I’m on my 1st cup of coffee. Strike “supposed” if it works better for ya. I think you’re smart enough to know wtf the write was trying to get across.
Many people, not just on the fringes, think that the Obama agenda is a planned route to socialism in the USA. That this was his intended “Change” he preached about. ‘Changing’ the basic structure of the USA and taking it down the road to socialism rather than its intended base as a Representative Republic.
It appears that this was a reference to that.
Anything else…ask the blog writer. Bloggies write all sorts of things that people question, dis-agree with, laugh at and throw shit at. Nothing new with that.

The complete quote from Noam Chomsky reads:

So clearly Chomsky is making a statement against that type of behavior. Even though you generally post explosive rhetoric of a libertarian or right-wing nature, it’s still possible that you’d quote a left-winger like Chomsky because you agree with him on that particular statement, which is why I ask. Otherwise, you’re quoting him with the intention of painting him as a fascist, which is a deliberate distortion of his statements and views.

[quote=“TainanCowboy”]The Representative is a Democrat and he is in total alignment with the Obama agenda. If you wish to characterize that stating that fact as “slander” then you must be in agreement that his positions are detrimental to good governmental practices.

I think perhaps you and I have very different ideas about just what constitutes socialism. I happen to think you are wrong, but you are more than welcome to think it.

is THAT a socialist position?

and Obama is not a socialist, nor is he making America become socialist. any move to put America back on track from its dangerous right wing leanings may seem so to someone hanging off the right hand side of the car, but it’s really just getting back on two rails agin. America, land of the free, has certainly become a lot less so in the past 60 years, and it will take some serious leg work to undo the legacy of McCarthy and the pernicious influence of Christian fundamentalism, Zionism (perpetrated by those very fundamentalist end-times Christians, rather than by Jews) and Cold War propaganda. At least, that’s what it looks like to this independent outside observer.

Great response and quick thinking…

“Uh, we don’t anticipate that…”

Hilarious stuff…by the way, what do people in Guam think about adding so many military types and outsiders onto their tiny island?

Cripes! That was a side-splitting clip! I think I cracked a rib!
I’ve attended some municipal, city-hall type meetings in some small towns that have serious shady echoes of that performance.

Well, there is a lot of military on the island, which only causes it to wobble a bit… it would take a lot larger population to actually tip the island over.