Will Hi-net let me get a new e-mail address

Help. Made the stupid mistake on joining a mailing list that publishes your address and sends posts to all and won’t let you remove your name (The OPEN OFFICE SUPPORT GROUP). I also get too much spam since my account is almost 7 years old.

On a related topic. I love the forum style to get information. I don’t know why the open office support group still uses bulk e-mail posts for their questions and answers. If I must use them again, what should I do? Create a special e-mail account on a free service to use it. How do you manage your mailing lists or sites with mandatory registration?

Drowning in mail and spam…

Step 1: Go to www.gmail.com
Step 2: ???
Step 3: Profit!

[quote=“MPenguin”]Step 1: Go to gmail.com
Step 2: ???
Step 3: Profit![/quote]That’s I had to do, I stopped using my hinet email, and I think it blew up at about 7000 emails. The minister of transportation and communications has a hinet account but doesn’t use their email because of all the spam chinapost.com.tw/life/2008/1 … elecom.htm

Do NOT give your real email address to anyone except close friends and family*, use a yahoo/hotmail/gmail one for registering on websites.

*except those that like to forward email they received to everyone, they pass on your email address to others.

mailinator.com for disposable email addresses.