Will I get audited?

Well, the new year is here and I’ve decided that instead of just letting my money depreciate over here, I’m going to put it to work in the market over in the States. I’ve looked at the threads here about beginner’s investing and feel somewhat comfortable with my knowledge. There’s a potential problem that I can foresee. I’ve been here for working illegally (I know I know), so I don’t know what will happen when I try to invest the money (about 1 milllion NT). Will the government inquire me directly as to how I got this money? I suppose that this is something I have to discuss with a financial planner, but thought maybe some people here are in the same boat as me and have proceeded to invest.

If you invest it in USA then Taiwan will know nothing. USA might ask though.

Audit? U.S. will possibly audit but 30,000 U.S. +/- is not one of those numbers that will light fires. Yes, the IRS has software that target suspicious accounts but if you were talking about 100 million, I would be concerned.
Actually, the tax laws for citizens living abroad are so liberal, I just don’t see the reason to cheat on your taxes. Remember, in the U.S., being a PIG is actually respected. However, being a HOG will end you up on the dinner table.
Just do it right and sleep comfy. There are no tax treaties between the U.S. and Taiwan so, use your head. If you don’t yet get it, ask others privately who are knowledgeable in this area.