Will Reality Shows work in Taiwan?!

I have been watching too much TV at home lately and it makes me wonder, will reality TV shows work in Taiwan?? It could be Average Joes, Real World, Survivors, My Dream Jobs, American Idoles??

Interesting thought… given the Taiwanese penchant for gossip news, it might work if people in the show do outrages stuff or commit faux pas. Remember that 19 year-old teenager marry his 40+ year-old obasan neighbor? People would love to know what they do at home!

I saw something on TV in Taiwan which seemed to be something like Reality TV - it seemed to be a one off show.
It was desperately boring so there was plenty of “pei4 in1” to make it sound dramatic even when it wasn’t. I think if there was any serious attempt at Reality TV it would be faked like that “Hei1 Ren2” show where a suspicious lover follows his/her partner around town in a van trying to find out what he or she is up to.

I saw that show before and it was totally fake. But I must say, I was having fun watching those even though I know it was fake with actors.

Why does Reality show in TW have to be fake?? hmm…

I don’t know what happened to this show, but it was based in Taiwan and followed the lives of newbie teachers from mostly Canada. I only saw one episode and thought it was lame. A lot of flashy editing, an upbeat theme song, and four people who probably had a hard enough time without a film crew following them around. I am not sure if they are into another season or if it has been cancelled.

On another note, reality TV has put me and a lot of my film technician friends out of business in Vancouver. Thats the way it goes sometimes. I won’t support it.

TV is the work of the Devil.

Who needs reality TV in Taiwan when you can walk right up to anything going on and stare as long as you like? Traffic stops, fights, arguments, obasans going at it…you name it. All free. :laughing:

I’m sure they’d get off on a show called “Taiwan Idol here”… they could come out of the KTV woodworks and strut their stuff.

Otherwise, they’re still making the same Ching dynasty soap operas and dumb variety shows again and again for the past twenty+ years. They also have that Super Sunday crap, which is a slice of ‘Taiwan reality’ if there ever was one.

Considering the lack of decent script writers (according to my bf who’s a lighting tech), reality shows just might add something unique to their rather sorry repertoire. Since the majority of producers here are “big brothers” (in the Taiwan sense of big brothers), why not? :unamused:

I caught an hilarious UK “reality” TV show in Oz over Christmas called Wife swap.

Keep yer knickers on, it wasn’t bawdy, bloody funny though. Love to see that here.


I’ve seen ads on AXN for a Taiwan version of Fear Factor that’s coming soon. It showed people bungee jumping off of the top floor of the living mall. I wonder if they’ll have the eating contest on that. Taiwanese contestants would probably not bat an eye at anything we’ve seen Joe Rogan throw at the American contestants.

Also on Discovery Channel, there’s going to be a Taiwan version of Body Challenge: several overweight Taiwanese compete to lose weight over a time period. Anybody know when either of these will be on?

How about a Taiwan version of Jackass? People would watch that!!!

You don’t have to turn on the TV for that. Just walk down the street and look at what’s going on in front of you…