Will someone shut her (Paris Hilton) up?!?!?

On CNN.Com today, about Paris Hilton

[quote]NEW YORK (AP) – Paris Hilton plans to give up public life for family life.

The 24-year-old hotel heiress, star of “The Simple Life” reality series, tells Newsweek magazine that when she was younger, “I thought it was cute to play a dumb blonde. On TV, I do it because it’s funny. I consider myself a businesswoman and a brand.”

But Hilton says she plans to give up her public life in two years, by which time she expects to become a mother with her fiance, Paris Latsis.

“I don’t enjoy going out anymore,” she says in the June 20 issue of the magazine, on newsstands Monday. "It’s such a pain. It’s everyone saying, ‘Let’s do a deal! Can I have a picture?’ I’m just, like, ‘These people are such losers. I can’t believe I used to love doing this.’ "

Paris and her mother, Kathy, were the grand marshals Sunday at the Los Angeles Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual & Transgender Pride Parade. Kathy Hilton wore a large white hat; Paris wore a tiara.

Kathy Hilton’s new NBC reality series, “I Want to Be a Hilton,” in which she coaches 14 contestants in taste and etiquette, premieres June 21.

Newsweek says Kathy and her husband, Rick Hilton, didn’t want their name on the show. “We thought it was too cheeky,” Rick Hilton is quoted as saying. “It does sound a little obnoxious.”

Kathy Hilton says a sex tape of Paris and an ex-boyfriend that became a cyberspace novelty taught her a lesson.

“Well, that was very painful. Very painful. Very painful,” Kathy Hilton tells the magazine. “But it taught me that I really can’t trust everybody.”

The sex tape surfaced in 2003 just before the start of Paris’ reality series. She has said she was embarrassed and humiliated that the tape ever became public.[/quote]

Seems like she’s gonna be retired :unamused: in 2 months…

I’ll do it.

Nama, she’s there for you. Think about how many like her as opposed to the opposite – that’s her purpose, and that’s what she’s very astutely selling, IMO.

God damn is that woman - and I use that term in the loosest possible sense (loose being even more appropriate for her) - is so worthless.

So worthless to the tune of several million dollars :raspberry:

Well, I meant worthless in the non-financial sense. She’s worth a lot in dollar terms - in fact, I think her worth in dollar terms may be inversely proportional to her worth as an addition to the human race.

My word, Tetsuo, you must feel really strongly about Paris as this is the first time that I’ve read one of your posts and thought “Goodness, that’s kind of incoherent!”. I think this means you secretly have a crush on her and is hurting because she will be getting married.
Am I right?
Huh? Huh?
Am I right?

I just adore Paris Hilton, I’ll love her even more when her little f**knut dog runs into the street and she chases it down only to get hit by a truck and die.

[quote=“twonavels”]I think this means you secretly have a crush on her and is hurting because she will be getting married.
Am I right?
Huh? Huh?
Am I right?[/quote]

A “no” so absolute that it makes you seem a little bit p-ed off…a sure sign that I have hit a nerve.

He’s got a semi right now, I’m sure of it.
HA HA HA! Tetsuo’s got the hots for skanky Paris! Neener neener neener, I’m going to tell EVERYONE!

Open wide Paris.


That’s totally coincidental and I’ll kindly ask you to step away from my window thank you very much.

What’s there not to love? She’s a dog lover.

Look at this cuddly wuddly thing. And the dog, too.