Will Taiwan become the richest country on earth?

Chips are the new oil, and TSMC is raising prices by 20%.

Other countries are trying to move as much chip production onshore, but TSMC still has the leading technology and they’re keeping the most advanced stuff in Taiwan.

The only people within striking distance of challenging Taiwan’s technological supremacy are the Koreans.

Tech giants all have most of their regional AI research done in Taiwan as well.

Americans: Have the skills and talent, and liberal society, but lacks the dedication (in Morris Chang’s words)

Koreans: have the skills and talent and dedication, and liberal society.

Chinese: Lack the liberal society.

Japanese: Too late now, they got hosed by trade wars with Americans. They can only make soap to clean chips.

Europeans: They’re on vacation half the year.




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are you the moderator of Taiwan reddit?
you forgot to mention Taiwan will be the savior of the world because MEDIGEN is the same as NOVAVAX and NOVAVAX “is the best” vaccine.


No, I’m not. Come up with a grown-up argument.

did I argue with you?

Are you in third grade?

yes Taiwan will become the richest country in the world.


I thought data was the new oil.

That’s an Andrew Yang inference and he’s wrong.

Of course, after the US senate admits Taiwan as the 52nd state.


Lol since when is US the richest country? Total GDP doesn’t mean anything. By that measure soon China will be the richest.

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Definitely not the richest but I think it’ll become rich enough that it will be obvious to everyone. Hopefully we won’t have stupid threads about how Taiwanese are poor and will become even poorer then🤦‍♂️.

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If total GDP doesn’t mean anything, then Luxembourg is the richest country.

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Yes it is if you ask me and I think that’s what the OP meant as well. Not gonna happen either way though lol.

Luxembourg IS the richest country.

I’m not sure if the word “rich” is used in this case, but you often do read about largest economies. And yes, China is expected to lead in this area sometime down the road, unless their New Cultural Revolution totally derails things.

As for the OP’s question, I’m not sure how much that wealth will trickle down, but for sure, some will become very wealthy in the coming years through chips and others will end up living comfortably. In this way, oil is a very good comparison indeed (not counting Qatar).

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You should look at net worth, not GDP. Switzerland is the richest country in the world.

If you looks at net worth, Taiwan is already one of the richest countries in the world.

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How about if we look at median GDP per capita? China is no where close to the top.

I have never seen that statistic anywhere.

“Per capita” is by definition a mean. I’m not sure what “median mean” means.