Will the real Forumosans please stand up

Just curios so I had I look into the member list and found there are at least 889 members with zero posts and zero guanxi. The curious thing is people who have zero posts but anywhere from 1 to 10 guanxi points! how did that happen?

The next intersting number (around 1,020 members) those with 1 to 5 posts and less the ten guanxi (one intersting note Cainaman who set up only to plug his business - way to go skinner, but I’m sure you have another ID there somewhere) most of these regestered in 2001 or 2002 and haven’t been heard from again. Those from 2003 make up the most frequent posts in this category, and many of those in the last few months. (Still a stretch to say Forumosa is attracting more quality)

6 to 10 posts 170 members varying guanxi mostly less than 20 points.

11 to 20 posts 162 members

21 to 30 posts 69 members

31 to 40 pposts 39 members

41 to 50 posts 28 members

51 to 60 posts 23 members

here it gets interesting. 60 to 110 posts 0 members. then the member list skips 50 members and we get 111 to 200 posts for 45 members

200 to 300 posts for 22 members

301 to 500 for 15 members

501 to 2872posts for 33 members (Sandman do you even have an offline life?)

What does it all mean. I do not know and I’m not trying to stir up any trouble here (remeber, i was just curious), and I know these numbers can be interpreted differently, this is just a quick and dirty count.

It seems that less the 4% of the members (100 posts and up) get any real use from this site. The bulk of the member list is made of 96% members with fewer than 60 posts.

What ever happend to the paring of the member list, and with numbers like this why bother to ban anybody that has been frequently contributing, formosa, et al.?



Me smell a statistics-tician!

Statistics was onne course in grad school that I liked but never attended because it was at 8am in the morning. I couldn’t get up off the floor to be there. C- and only because the prof liked me.


here it gets interesting. 60 to 110 posts 0 members.

I have 72 posts. No wait a minute, make that 73.

With such a high R^2 value, the regression line in your analysis does seem to explain a large portion of the data.

124 and counting!

Some people just come in and look around without posting a single thing. They use the site for information. I, on the other hand, am guanxi greedy :smiling_imp:

here it gets interesting. 60 to 110 posts 0 members.

I have 72 posts. No wait a minute, make that 73.[/quote]

i just went in and found those missing posts. I do not know how I mssed them the first time. Ok add 50 to that category. its not hard and accurate analysis anyway, jsut some curious numbers.


another thing to consider is that some posters may have had posts deleted but the guanxi remains. Or perhaps they refered some people to Forumosa and got the guanxi reward for doing so.

And if you look closely at the guanxi tallies you will see that I don’t have much at all, but if you could see my guanxi bank account you’d faint. 4461 Guanxi in the bank at this stage.

this may be a stupid q’ for most of you guys…but I still have to ask, what is “guanxi” and what does the numbers mean??

Thanks - MiakaW :blush:

[quote](Sandman do you even have an offline life?)

Insufficient data to process request. Purge base memory at dos prompt and config.sys

Guanxi is an indication of how cool and fanciable you are. Look at Sandman, what a cool mover, Guanxi factor of Thousands, then there’s Boss Hogg with his silly hat and smelly cigar, just 75… My cute kitty is just adorable so I’m somewhere between.

Now the serious answer: You get a Guanxi point for every post you make (2 for starting a topic), and you can transfer it to others if you think they’re cool or say something worthwhile. You can also get Guanxi with the lottery or bank.

Hey, I have over 4462 Guanxi in the bank, not only am I cool, I am smart enough to put it in the bank and make some interest too. :slight_smile:

I brought this up ages ago.
I called for a re-registration to get rid of the inactive accounts so that the membership figures would more clearly reflect the actual users.
Nothing happened.

another question, when you said you can get guanxi in the bank or lottery, how do you do that?? I noticed that you won $500 NT the other time, am I right? So popcorns on ya?!

  • MiakaW

I figure Gus was so happy with the job he had done setting up this spiffy website that he awarded himself 10,000 guanxi points, making himby far the coolest member. :wink:

To use the bank or the lottery you look up there ^ where it says bank and lottery. open an account and deposit some quanxi, say 120, then on Sunday morning it will magically go up by 12.
The lottery is more risky, cost g$50 to enter. I’m more conviced than ever that it’s fixed, the same people keep winning :laughing:

[quote=“MiakaW”]another question, when you said you can get guanxi in the bank or lottery, how do you do that?? I noticed that you won $500 NT the other time, am I right? So popcorns on ya?!

  • MiakaW[/quote]

500 Guanxi $ - No, waaaaaaaaaaaay more than that. I won over 1000 the first time and I don’t know how much the second time.

Uh, about the G$ 10,000 thing – I bumped myself up becuase I (still) have to rebate the people who bought their own custom titles – I pulled custom titling from the F/X shop and figure I ought to pay back those who spent the G$ on it. (Incidentally, I have tried to re-implement custom titles as a separate field, but it doesn’t seem to have worked – hey I’m trying). I know ten grand is a large figure, but I needed to pick a number high enough.

After I credit all the people I’m supposed to, I’ll reset or wipe out my own G$ account.

Concerning Wolf’s comments about reseting the membership total figure, let me add sheds some light on the issue – especially since this is what prompted this topic in the first place.

I think Wolf was indeed the first to raise the issue on dead accounts – back in the old dot-ORG days. This led to a purging of the ranks (I think to a fifth of the level then, but don’t quote me). It was a big cut. It wasn’t bigger becuase (behind the scenes) we discussed (a lot) about what kind of accounts should be purged.

You’ll be surprised that it’s not a straight forward issue. There have been so many things to consider: the separating the newsletter subscriptions matter, do we purge banned names? how is Guanxi affected? are ratings affected too? are yellow card totals mucked with (back when we tried using Yellow cards)? etc.

Throughout all this, there were a few major forum shutdowns, two server migrations, one graduation (mine and I took the long way to California and back in the process), selling a business, getting a job, becoming an uncle… boy, the list runs long. I gotta admit, taking a hard look at those member numbers wasn’t really high on my list of priorities.

Which is why I finally came around to looking for help. We now have an administrator team that sets the direction for the site at large, instead of one hapless swamped chronically tardy administrator. Although the admin team clashes with our own moderator group from time to time, I feel we are all pretty much holding down the fort. I just realized we have a ‘bicameral’ kind of set up. (Or is it more of a Junta?)

Anyway, another purge of the rolls may yet be in the cards because I’m planning a major revamp of the ratings/rankings system. Unless someone posts a compelling argument otherwise, I’m proposing we move from an absolute ratings tally -> to an average rating system. This will involve wiping out all the ratings and starting fresh. (When? Probably starting in July)

After this is done, we can look hard at the member totals, and whether there’s value in purging.

Just me,

Dammit…just when I became a bodhisattva. Isn’t there a clause somewhere that prevents me from having to undergo the process of enlightenment again? Wait a minute…in July when I won’t be able to defend my posts?! Ai-yo!

I dipped into my savings account to buy this nifty little title color change…does it make my avatar look big?

[quote]Ai-yo[/quote]I’ll have to give you a negative rating for saying that…