Will the US ever recover from this election

Whoever wins, it seems like there will be heavy repercussions. i’m guessing if Hillary wins, we can expect riots with trump claiming it’s rigged. I’ve never disagreed so much with people I know about politics. Don’t really support either candidate, but can’t fathom how people supports one of them right now. What the fuck is going on in the US.

I see it as a decision between progressing boldly into the future vs. undoing all the gains we have made in the last 80 years. Between repudiating bigotry vs. enabling it. Whether the country will be governed by the moderates-to-liberals or the extreme right.

Mostly, for me, it’s about the makeup of the Supreme Court. I want to see it majority liberal, so I am voting for Hillary.

It’s a train wreck many years in the making. It’s historic in every sense. Many lies are being exposed; many ugly truths are coming to light. We are witnessing the self destruction of an established order that’s passed its expiration date.

These things are always messy, because a corrupt establishment never goes quietly.


It looks like Americans need help for their election anxiety. Since the NHI isn’t prepared for such a catastrophic-in-certain-ways disaster, here’s a free pessimism pill from 60 Minutes…

And if that doesn’t work, try this free optimism pill! :grinning:

Btw the happy song is “Wake Up” by Arcade Fire.

Here’s a modest proposal that was also floated in Brazil recently. :crown:

Meanwhile, the fallout includdes tremendous progress for freedom of speech in Iran!

The people who have been doing all of the rioting over the past several years (indeed, decades) have not been Trump’s demographic. Nice try though.

Anyway, I see this as a decision between whether the US becomes a third world banana republic quickly (Hillary) or more slowly (Trump). Neither will fix the structural problems, despite this being a rederendum on whether to support the elite warmongering globalist (Hillary) or oppose that sort of thing (Trump).

Sorry, “nice try” to do what?

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Markets and financial institutes were hoping for Clinton to win, so there will be a dip that many people will blame on Trump rather than wondering why were those people rooting for the Democrats candidate.

After that, the follow up will entirely depend on what Trump does/does not.

Gotham will survive. These people will endure.

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The media have lost face. The leadership of both parties have been dealt a well-deserved humiliation. Will there be soul searching? What if they search for their souls and find they haven’t got any?

This may well be the beginning of the era of Wikileaks. Dare we hope for the curtain to close on the disinformation age? Goodbye to the Gruber Principle?

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Yeah, whatever.

Well I think this election (in general, not just the result, which is obviously awful) has proved that America is at least as shitty a democracy as Taiwan is, an ex-dictatorship which democratised only some 2 decades ago, probably even worse.

It’s pretty pathetic that a country with arguably the longest democratic practice in the history of mankind has come to this stage.

Where to go if Canada doesn’t want you?

Give them credit for a sane immigration policy.

The answer to the title question is “No.”

Well, she lost… and there are reports of small scale riots on the left coast. Nothing major yet.

Say, how about that California secession movement?

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There is terrible anxiety :frowning::anguished::fearful: in Canada about falling behind in the immigration race. The 100m target for 2100 is being taken seriously, by some. http://www.centuryinitiative.ca/

The current population is estimated at 36m and basically concentrated in a very narrow band along the southern end of each province, because most people don’t want to live in the Arctic.

Arguing that maybe he won’t be so bad.

You have to admit, the people saying he’s evil incarnate have turned out to be wrong about other things. So there’s hope.

I remember the days after 9-11, and the way leftists in England responded on the Web. They were truly vile and hateful. What was that expression they kept using? “Ask yourselves why.”

Well, now it’s their turn - at least in their minds. So let’s see if they ask themselves why. So far they don’t seem inclined.

You can only soul search if you have a soul to search.

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Oh if only it would GO

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I think it’s worse. No way somebody that crass could have been voted in as President in Taiwan.
They’d at least have to have some level of polish and education behind em.

CSB kind of turned into that in his last year in power, but otherwise he wasn’t that bad.

I’ve been reading some comments on trump supporter type websites. Seemingly having a college degree is being an ‘elitist’. :joy:

It’s amazing how many people have come out of the closet about hating democracy now that they’ve lost.