Will they do a credit check on me? Apartment renting

Just curious, just starting to search for apartments in Taipei… will they be asking about my credit scores or do a credit check for a place I would be renting? Coming from the US, where this is common in some states.

I don’t believe so … you would have to pay a security deposit though. Usually it’s a month’s worth of rent, or two.

No, this is not the US. Nor is it Japan, so you will not need to have a local sign as guarantor for your place.

The only requisite, as stated, is to pay a deposit. It is illegal to ask more than 2 months’s rent. You will also need a copy of your passport/ARC for your landlord.

Now, before you sign, discuss the terms and conditions of teh deposit with the prospective landlord. Agree on what to do if you want to leave before your contract is up -you might lose the entire deposit if teh conditions are not clear. Document the state of the premises and have what needs to be fixed done ASAP. Also, get an agreement as to how to proceed if anything breaks down -you call teh repair person and get a refund, or call the landlord and he takes care of everything. Do talk this things over beforehand.

Tsui Mama is a good souce of apartments and will give you some guidelines in choosing/problem solving.