Will work for klezmer

So I spent the entire weekend working, listening to Gogol Bordello non-stop.
So, you know, my head’s still a little weird here, but in a good way.
Anyways, I was kind of pining for some deviations into some more of that Eastern European sound, I got a bunch of Russian stuff, but all my Ashkenazic tunes were on cassettes that rotted out years ago.
Further, my normal “sources” don’t appear to have any whatsoever.
We got tons of klezmer and klezmer/punk bands touring at home, most from Winnipeg and some from Montreal, and I used to have stuff from them, but it, alas, never made the jump to digital.
So, I’m issuing an open plea, anybody who has some klezmer or klezmer fusion stuff, PM me and see if we can get some friendly sharing done, yeah?
It’ll be a mitzvah, you’ll make me kvell.

Not sure if it fits, but I have some Kultur Shock. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kultur_Shock

Thanks, got that already.
Looking for something a little more hardcore.