Will you outlive your spouse?

My wife and I have a macabre bet. We both think the other will die first. She says the way I eat, and drink will put an end to me early. I think her inscesant worrying will snuff out her early.

The winner gets to spend all the money left happily and without guilt.

So, to you married folk or you single folk who have two parents, what do you think? Who outlives whom? And why?

I don’t like to think about this kind of thing. But I think I will outlive my hamster.

I will live forever anyway and I’ll try and get my other half to do the same.

[quote=“Dangermouse”]I don’t like to think about this kind of thing. But I think I will outlive my hamster.

If that is NOT true/ then I’m sure to outlive you! lol How long can a hamster live?

We do this too! but usually I win out as hubby has the trifecta: asthma, eczema, and hay fever. with high blood pressue to boot. but i still think he’ll “win” as I worry more…

By god I don’t want to think about this but since I am now I guess I have always assumed I would be first to go as I am older and more prone to gaps in consciousness. I’ll probably get hit by a bus or something…

I told my wife, if she goes, I go. Why bother sticking around?

damn man, do you practice this shit??

I hereby pronounce maoman’s new name: Mr. Perfect! hail! hail! :notworthy:

jd =
My tai-tai and I have his same discussion almost every day.
I keep telling her - “You’re killing me!”
She thinks this means there is some competition on that she is some how a part of.

I don’t have a spouse or SO. But between my dad and my mom, my mom said that she would like to leave earth 1st because she doesn’t want to deal with losing my dad, and taking care of him for the rest of her life. (of course, this is all in a very sweet way)

I hope my marraige in the future can be like theirs :wink:

My old lady and I both agree that I’ll be gone before she is.

She thinks its coz of my drinking, I say its coz she’s always riding my ass.

[quote=“Dangermouse”]I think I will outlive my hamster.


Felching shortens the lifespan of hamsters. Shame on you :wink:

Are you speaking from experience, as your avatar suggest you look like a large hamster?

Hamsters typically live between 2 and 3 years. Mine is now 3 years old and has a zimmer frame and comode. I am confident I will outlive him.

I kind of subscribe to this idea. I wouldn’t know what to do if my SO suddenly dissappeared. After 60 odd years of being together it would be pretty tough. But then you have to think of your sons and daughters and Grandchildren…


I have all kinds of physical ailments, and my wife is fairly healthy. I’ve had recurring cancer since the age of fifteen… but, its the type that is most easily dealt with.

I am four years younger than my wife and I don’t worry about anything. My wife worries constantly. She isn’t happy unless she can see dark clouds on every horizon (looks like rain… :slight_smile: ).

I drink beer. She drinks concotions of smelly Chinese medicine.

I’ve toiled at hard labor in my younger days… she has never done physical labor (other than the 43 hours waiting for our boy to enter the world).

In my family, we tend to live well into the 90s. But, my wife’s parents are now in their 80s and going very strong.

Tough call.

We always figure I’ll be the first to go. He often says his side of the family is either too stupid or just too mean to die. He actually has a point considering his grand-parents are over 90 and parents are over 70. He has a lot more family still alive then I do.

I think I will die many years before my girlfriend and future wife. I’m in my late 20s (look like I’m in my 30s), enjoy a good drink or two, have high blood pressure (under control with medicine), and in the past, not the best diet in the world. My grandparents all lived to be in their late 60s or early 70s before dying. I have one grandparent who is 82 and fit as a fiddle.

My GF is in her mid-30s (although she looks a decade younger), she eats mostly fruit, vegetables, and fish. She worries a lot, but I think many Chinese women like to “hen-peck” their boyfriends or husbands. Her family usually live into their early 90s.

It is interesting that “worrying” comes up so often.

Is all this worrying connected to negativism?

My wife and I are a Yin-Yang. I don’t worry about small stuff. I worry that my son will grow up to be a useless idiot…a rather large worry. (which motivates me to do my best to make it not happen) She worries about losing one student from the school, as if it would lead to a mass exodus.

Is this negativity or just considering the worst case scenerio? And if one does consider the worst case in every case, is this worrying or pathological negativity?

hmmm, I worry that she will read this. Please chaneg all “My wife’s” to “My friend’s wife.”