Will you still be in Taiwan in 2025?

Will you still be in Taiwan in 2025? Or where do you think you will be then?

I plan to spend a few more years in Montreal, get my masters degree in, get this, “communications”, and then head back to Taipei with my GF who has said she will be my wife as well.

What about the rest of you? Come 2025, where do you reckon you will be?

And don’t say Six Feet Under…

Boss Hogg, Maoman, Monkey, Wolfman, Alleycat, Tomas, Omni?

New Zealand.

Perhaps selling Real Estate for most of the year and making long holiday trips back here.

Formosa, the reports you have been hearing about the SARS situation is all misinformation. International journalists are being held hostage and send reports, under threat of executoion, to the outside that SARS is over. Do NOT be fooled. Things are worse. We who write here do so from our SARS shelters. We dare not venture outside, fo fear of contracting this deadly scurge, so count yourslef lucky and don’t dare come back.

2025, yeah right! We’re told we have pioa mien stores until March 2005, if we’re lucky.



I am planning to move the family to Guam in a couple of years then commute to work. A week or so in Taiwan, a week or so in Guam.

If I’m lucky, in an urn. If I’m unlucky, still in Taiwan

More than likely, no, I don’t think I will still be here in 2025. Where would I be?? :unamused: Hmm…hopefully somewhere in the east coast, living in a mansion with my future husband, kids and a dog!

  • MiakaW
    wanna join me MatthewH?

Alleycat, if I catch your drift … LOL. Thanks for a good laugh. So you mean I shouldn’t come back? EVer? It’s that Bad???

BTW, moderator, I would PM alleycat if I could but he/she doesn’t accept my PMs at this current impasse in our relationship, so I had to post my reply here. [added later: I meant: doesnt respond to my PMs, even though he she invited us all to write him her.] I hope it won’t get deleted. And Alleycat, I did PM you about your offer of free advice about books and things. Can you reply? You did say ANYONE. Does that exclude me? C’mon!

Why would I want to live with your future husband ? :? Apart from that, yes. But than again, you don’t get my jokes :cry:

Forumosa, I received your first email, and I’ve no idea what you’re talking about as I haven’t blocked your PMs.

Okie, then I changed my answer, somewhere in the east coast, living in a mansion with MatthewH, my kids and a dog!

Ewwww… kids :x

alleycat, my forum name here is formosa, not forumosa, as I am sure you know. just a typo, I know. i am thinking about changing my user name but I don’t know how… I kinda of blew as it as the poster boy for Sars … didn’t I? sorry… really am.

My calendar’s full until 2024. I haven’t decided about 2025. It’s too far in the future.

i noticed you guys have plenty of time to be around here, just hang around and to think as far as 2025!!! :slight_smile: and i have even more time n no life to keep on reading some wonderful and funny things that are being posted and also some very annoying #% that makes my liver mushy pate…
well , i don’t know where i am gonna be then. hopefully having a peaceful life with my family :smiley:
i like this place one can find a bit (or a lot) of everything :slight_smile:

I’ll more than likely be relaxing on Green Island.

Without possibility of parole.

I’ll be doing my comedy-disco dancing act at the Las Vegas Hilton, six nights a week. Dark Mondays.

I’ll be living beachside in San Diego and Thailand during the summers and teaching Chinese literature during the school year in some lovely college town in America.

I’ll probably also still have some sort of business going. I do tea and chocolate right now. Maybe I’ll expand into wine and cheese.

I imagine I’ll come to Taiwan off and on for research and to run my business.


I and my wife will most likely (hopefully) be ensconced in a palatial hillside estate in Penang. That is, if there is an Islamic reformation in the works that lessens the theocratic nature of the Malaysian state!

Nobody will be in Taiwan in 2025…

Nostradamus and many others have put a date on the end of the world. It’s going to be all over in the year 2014.

Nostradamus was a French doctor who wrote poetry, twocs, and couldnt see the future any more than you or I. A quack. But I do like the end game date of 2014. Why did u pik that?