Willing dry cleaner

It’s a long shot, but I’ve been unable to find a dry cleaner willing to remove wax (paraffin & beeswax) from batiks that I make. Boiling wax out afterwards dulls the colors. Anyone know a dry cleaners owner willing to do it for a higher price? Any leads greatly appreciated.

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Have you tried putting it in the freezer?

What kind of dye are you using??

Probably the reason they don’t want to deal with wax is because it contaminates their chemicals which must be reclaimed.


Even after using a dye fixative?

Procion dyes and sodium carbonate. I think my dyes are old.

Yea that’s your problem… those procion dyes do not last long in Taiwan because of the humidity. I think this is why they are not sold here… the only fiber reactive dyes they sell here are the equivalent of procion H, which requires heat to react with the fiber.