Wilsen Publishing Books & Cards (Taichung)

Wilsen Publishing is a foreigner-owned publishing company located in Taichung. We focus on English test-prep books and books for learning Chinese. We also provide editorial services for other publishers in Taiwan and other countries.

(Book 3 available Feb., 2012)

Besides books, I import greeting cards and stationery from the US and Canada. Currently, I carry cards from 9 companies. Most of my cards are related to art, and I try to work directly with artists whenever possible. The cards are available in select boutiques and cafes in Taiwan. We have also paired up with BAFA Cafe in Taichung for a “Card Expo”, running Feb 20 through April 20 (2012).

And if that wasn’t enough, we also plan and organize book, mail and art events and projects. The storefront is a work in progress, but it’s here and open for visitors. More info from our website.

Wilsen Publishing 意群國際有限公司
info@wilsenpublishing.com • 電話: 04-2301-3662
店面: 403台中市西區公正路140巷1弄1號
Gong Zheng Road, Lane 140, Alley 1, #1, West District, Taichung, Taiwan 403

Deals for January 2012

Shipping and handling not included. Funds accepted by ATM/wire transfer. Please email jenny at info@wilsenpublishing.com or call 04-2301-3662 (10a - 9pm) for more information. Search “Wilsen Publishing” on facebook.