Wimbledon 2018

Watching Stan Wawrinka play Grigor Dimitrov as I write this, tied at 1-1 sets, and they’ve just started playing the 3rd set. Sounds like John McEnroe is doing the play by play on Fox on SMOD here in Hsinchu. In English, obviously. One of tennis’s most famous enfant terribles, is McEnroe. The grass is still healthy and green at Wimbledon, and the sun is blazing. I don’t think there’s a cloud in the sky today in that part of Britain.

Just finished watching Brazil-Mexico in the World Cup, Neymar having driven Mexico bonkers on the way to a win. Stale baseball, Yankees v BoSox on yet another Fox channel and in English, too.

Rare. Feels a bit like a lazy Saturday afternoon in the States with my trusty remote there to fend off any and all commercials. I feel unexpectedly rich.

Anybody else watching Wimbledon? Dimitrov is seeded 6th, Wawrinka is unseeded this year at Wimbledon.

Who will win Wimbledon this year?

Ivan Lendl.
Hasn’t won it yet; won the other 3 majors, so I think he’s due for it.

Wait, what decade are we in?

Will be following as usual, big Federer fan here so hoping the number 1 seed goes all the way.

Gonna keep an eye out on Del Potro as well, I think he’ll do well this year.

I’m a big Federer fan, too. One reason I like him so much is that he popularized the one-handed backhand in pro tennis. I really dislike the two-hander.

Seems he’s a good person, too.

Wawrinka won his match. If he can play consistently he could be very dangerous. And yeah, del Potro might win it, too.

So much for Roger Federer. I watched some of the match early and really didn’t see Anderson as remotely dangerous. Federer up by two sets. Got sidetracked and now I see I was wrong. Crap. How did that happen?

Watching Del Potro and Nadal more closely now. Nadal has the worst case of OCD I’ve ever seen in a pro athlete, he and his water bottle on the sideline. Even worse than Sergio Garcia and his grasp/relax/grasp/relax etc. pre-shot routine.

Federer needs to retire he’s so fucking old smh

Oh I don’t know. He lost in the quarter-finals of Wimbledon, in a five-setter that went 11-13 in the fifth. Looks pretty strong still to me.

Del Potro-Nadal might turn into something. One set each and on serve early in the third.

Nadal really cracks me up. Does he really think nobody sees him running his hand over his nutsack and hurriedly sniffing his fingers? He’s been doing this for years. That’s the kind of simple humanity I like to see in my sports heroes.

Oh he lost? Good.

I didn’t say he’s playing bad tennis, I’m just sick of him winning at like 40. Same goes for Nadal. I hate seeing the same people winning all the time.

that’s how I feel about the Tour de France.

Anderson is through, and Nadal-Djokovic are into the 13th game of the 5th set when I switched over to England-Belgium.

Djokovic hasn’t looked hungry lately. My money’s on Nadal making the final vs Anderson.

Hah. Djokovic wins the 5th set 10-8.

So that’s the final match set for tomorrow night.

Novak Djokovic vs Kevin Anderson at about kickoff time for the WC Final.

Serena Williams vs Angelique Kerber for the women’s final, which should begin any minute now.