Win2000 Administrator Log in password?

How do I put a password on my computer system for the administrator log in?

I’ve been led to believe that this will solve my backdoor trojan problems that are quickly escalating to include all new types of backdoor trojans. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Ad-Aware is doing a marvelous job of catching them, but I want full prevention and not temporary cures.


Click Start/Control Panel/User Accounts
Click on the Account you want to change (‘Administrator’ in this case)
Click Create Password
Enter password

This is the procedure for WinXP but I assume it will be similar under Win2000.

If somebody can install a trojan to run on your system to run while you’re on the internet, he can easily get your Admin password. The security is laughable, and there are tons of tools to crack your password. Try using a longer Admin pass, or better yet cutting the privileges on your Admin account to almost nothing and creating a new admin account with a hard to guess name. This is a reasonable guide, though it’s targeted at XP, most of it still applies.

You want to get a real-time trojan scanner. Take a look at this site.

And where are you getting all these trojans anyways? I’ve had exactly one and ahem I download all sorts of shit. Just because Ad-Aware pops it doesn’t make it a trojan, just means it has ads which may or may not be spying on your porn site usage. Not quite the same thing.

Go to Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Services.
Make sure you disable a service called messenger


I have confirmed trojans with Norton housecall and Ad-Aware. I seem yto have a really nasty one(stuck in my sys.exe called skysprocket or something) and might have to ask Ax really nicely to reformat and reinstall my operating system(again).

I don’t go to porn sites. I’ve done just what you recommended Ax. I’ve added passowrds and got rid of the user with my short name followed by a 1. It was different from the other ones(Adminstrator/guests).

Norton on my computer is finding nothing, but Trenmicro housecall found two trojans and one was dealt with swiftly while the other one doesn’t allow me an option to remove it, because it is tied up with sys.exe.

Thanks for the help,

Two things you should really do (otherwise you could go back to Win98, “security” would be the same):

  • change the name of the administrator account
  • create a “normal” user account (with password) and set it as default account

If you want a bit more security, you could require users to press to log in, but I guess you would see this as “overkill”…

The best door with the greatest lock is worth nothing if you leave it open because the locking procedure is just too much trouble…

If you have a bunch of trojans, it’s best to reformat and start over because who knows what has been installed on your computer. This time make sure that you set an Administrator password and disable access from the network. This will stop people from hacking into your computer for good.

I suggest unchecking all the boxes on the instructions below. … ksec.shtml