Windows 10 Sharing Problem. Server PC looks like a ghost


For some reason I’m having problems accessing my shared drive on my android devices. I’ve had this problem before but it either fixed itself or by me randomly pushing buttons. I can’t figure out the pattern.
Problem: The target PC appears in ES file Manager as an option to click on after the scan. But it is slightly grayed out, almost as if it was a ghost.
When I click on it, it says that the sharing is not turned on.
But on my PC, discovery is turned on and my folders are set to share.
When it worked, I would get a password box on the client. All that needed to be done was to enter the password and the drives would be on line.
Please tell me what I am missing.


There are some specialists in Taiwan that come to your house with incense and can take care of ghosts. Not cheap, but worth a try!


Oh, please. You gotta be careful there too. We got stuck with a Michael J. Fox operation. We bought the ghost money did the mumbo jumbo and things cleared up for a while. But then they came back.
Reputable help can be found in most places. It’s not that expensive…
If your house doesn’t have an ancestor shrine, you actually have a house elf in Residence. They are some special gifts you have to give about once a year.
They’ll protect your house. Check out your local godshop.
Now what about my sharing…