Windows Updates - HELP

I just had to re-install Windows XP, and when I went to install all of the updates (about 38 or so, I think), they ALL failed … what is up with that? I’ve tried several times, and it always fails …

Another issue … when I re-installed XP, the version of IE I was using, I guess, was an older one, and it kept crashing. I managed to download the latest version of IE, and it seems to work fine, but there is no icon for it on my desktop. Whenever I click on the IE icon on my desktop, I get the older version of IE and it crashes … the only way I seem to be able to access the latest version of IE is going through the Windows Updates icon, and that brings up the latest version.

I’ve had so many problems since I re-installed Windows (which I had to do as a result of that nasty new virus going around) … I’m really an idiot when it comes to computers, so please please someone help me! THANKS!

One question first: do you use an original version or a “backup”

Dunno, never had any problem. What error message do you get?

It appears you have two versions of IE installed now, i.e. the new one did not overwrite/replace the old one during installation.

Do a right click on the IE icon on your desktop, then choose Shortcut and Find Target and browse for the executable file of the new version.
Else add a new icon on the Desktop and delete the old one (right click, New, Shortcut, Browse).

IE should reside in C:\Prgram Files\Internet Explorer\ under WinXP and the executable file is normally called “iexplore.exe”.

That nasty new virus is probably what’s stopping you from getting your updates. The virus is DoS attacking the Windows Update servers.

I can help you with your XP problem. Forget reinstalling XP (or any version of windows), it’s all about formating and reinstalling from scratch. If that’s what you did, I’m not sure why you’re having problems.

I don’t have a lot of experience with XP, but the format, reinstall combo always worked in the past.

frankly, I have never heard that somebody had 2 IE’s on his pc, I tried it and never managed to have two versions …

i think miltownkid might be right about the update problem. But he might be wrong to … the real attack on windows update site should come on the 16th . This extract is from the website:

Maybe the windowsupdate page is already having problems … but hey, we’re talking about M$ here

You got also get yourself a copy of a decent OS: Mac OS X, *BSD or *nix-variants :wink:[/quote]

I just updated myself, no probs (using the US server).

I finally got the updates … but another question: would the patch for the virus be automatically included in the Windows updates, or do I have to go look for it at Microsoft’s site and install it myself?

Miltownkid: I had it re-formatted and then re-installed XP.

Rascal: Thanks for your help with the IE thing. I did what you said and it’s working fine now. The old version is still sitting on my computer. Should I delete it? If so, how do I do it? (I don’t want to accidentally delete the new version too … and like I said, I’m a computer idiot!). Anyway, I’m sending you some G$ for your help! Thanks!

lbtw: click start/settings/control panel and dbl clck “add or remove programs”, you should be able to find and delete the old program from the list there

i’m sure they included that patch, if you want to be double sure here’s the link for it

I would be carefull, the Explorer is an integral part of Windows and if you de-install the old version you might loose some files or settings which are shared with the new one. Better remove the (old) icon only from you desktop and leave it.

Instructions how to tackle the “blast” worm and protect your system in general are described here:

You can just run the update for Windows again since it will tell you if there are any updates required, i.e. if it says none are required you should be fine.

I thought I had fixed the problem with IE, but it’s back again … but it’s really odd … if I enter IE (either the old version or the new version) from the icon on my desktop, IE crashes. However, if I enter through the Windows Update listing under “Start”, I have no problems. Maybe I should just say screw it and use Netscape, as so far the problem with IE doesn’t seem to be affecting any other programs, and I can still use it when I need to do the Windows updates.

This is where I’m confused. If you formated and reinstalled, how could you all of the sudden have an older version that doesn’t work? A clean install IE should work fine not matter how old it was.

I have to assume the two shortcuts are pointing to different .exe files, one which is ok and one which seems to be corrupted.
Perhaps the best advise is to re-format your harddisk once more and start clean.

I have to assume the two shortcuts are pointing to different .exe files, one which is ok and one which seems to be corrupted.
Perhaps the best advise is to re-format your harddisk once more and start clean.[/quote]

No way … I’ll just stick with using Netscape, and if I have to use IE to download the Windows Updates, at least that seems to work fine. I’m not going through the nightmare of re-formatting again. BTW, Rascal, one of my good friends said she met you at the last Forumosa Happy Hour … she’s a blond girl from England named Katy. Ring any bells?

Um, I am afraid not. If so we haven’t really “met”, perhaps only seen each other. I was kept in check (pushed into the corner of the seater) most of the time by two pretty and well known forumosa ladies. Not that I did mind though … :wink:
Was she perhaps sitting at the same table with Frederika Bimmel?

[quote]one of my good friends said she met you at the last Forumosa Happy Hour … she’s a blond girl from England named Katy. Ring any bells?[/quote]I met her though, she didn’t ring my bells :sunglasses:

Okay, my system seems to be doing fine, even though it feels like my computer and I have been in a Wild West high-noon stare-down situation ever since XP Service pack 2 forced its way in via an automatic update.

Now I’m getting an alert that another update is “ready for installation.” Here’s the description of it:

"Size: 214 KB

The Microsoft GDI+ Detection Tool helps detect the presence of Microsoft products (other than Windows) that contain the GDI+ component. Microsoft customers can run this tool to help determine if a GDI+ security update is required. Microsoft recommends you visit the Office Update site to determine if your computer requires security updates for Office family products.

More information for this update can be found at"

First of all, what does GDI stand for? Will this make my system more finicky than it already is? Will the addition of a bunch of security updates make some applications, networks, or files inaccessible?

At a loss here and have completely lost my trust in these Windows updates. I’m too lazy to go to the MS OFFice site; guess I just wanted to see if the description sets off any alarm bells in any of you techies’ minds. Any feedback would be welcome.

GDI+ is one of the graphics libraries used in many Microsoft products. It has a flaw whereby a virus could be embedded in a JPEG file and infect your machine just by viewing or loading it. This update doesn’t fix the problem, but rather looks for products that have the problem and then tell you how to correct it. The most common apps with this problem are the Microsoft Office programs which you can update at (you will need to access this site from Internet Explorer only).

Okay, done that, and the Office site says I need to download Service Pack 3.

Anything I should be wary of before downloading SP3?

Office SP3 is fine to install.