Windows won’t boot after update

Does anyone know what to do? I updated my computer and now it won’t boot. I turned it on and off and still just stuck on a completely black screen.

It´s a long time since for me, however, as far as I can remember, press the F8 key during startup and chose recovery mode with networking.
Once you are on your desktop with less colors, fix the problem like video driver.

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I got to the recovery. I’m resetting it now and seeing if it works. I will try this next if it doesn’t work.

Well this sucks. I managed to keep my file but lost all download programs. WTF Microsoft

It happened to me just last month when I was still using Win 7.
The boot files were somehow damaged after an update. I was able to start the computer to do a backup booting via USB drive, but easiest way to fix all issues would be formatting the computer.
Since I was planning to upgrade to Win 10, I formatted it anyway.

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Meanwhile, Bill Gates is again the richest man in the world.

Bill Gates tops Jeff Bezos as richest person in the world


Such a common fault “after update” I hated it as I was my local pubs Expert?
Eventually I had to stop all this free service for MS Machines and said sorry I only understand Mac now, hey never bothered again.
I will also add I’m not a Macolite but did make thet free time more usefull.

Resetting windows does that, but just in case it happens in the future there should be other choices to choose and reset is usually the last resort

Any PC probs, shoot me a message. I’m nice.

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Get a Mac.

Problem solved.

It’s not a viable option in many work fields.

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Your problems are just beginning !

Linux baby. No problems since MS pulled XP on me


Which fields?

12 years in and no significant issues.

Back in the old days we couldn’t use Macs at work because Excel on Mac was a pain in the ass to use for financial modelling. Then I change jobs.

Investment banks for one.

Unfortunately Mac isn’t so good at running software like Mastercam or proprietary software that I need to run my vinyl cutter, otherwise I would have long ago punted Windows out of my life.
I know I’m just a cranky old man, but I don’t want updates, notifications, wizards or a “seamless user interface”.
I just want shit to work all the time. And I never, ever want to hear the word driver again. :face_vomiting:

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LOL, IBM must have gotten a hell of a discount for that article! Apple hardware design is horrendous in a lot of their products and their “aftercare” sucks.

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I’ve never heard these complaints. The after care one seems really strange.

I’m not a heavy Excel user, but it still seems slightly easier on a PC than a Mac.