Windows XP and Linux on one PC - how?

Not a joke or trying to pull your leg with that 2nd question here:

I have two company laptops, one should run XP and NT (see the other similar post) and the other one XP and Linux, I will use the latter myself:

Both are of same hardware (Asus if it matters) and have Windows XP pre-installed, harddisk is however partioned already into 11 and 9 GByte where XP is resident on the bigger one.

Now I want to install Linux on the 2nd partition:

  • What Linux release do you recommend as I think there are quite a few around?
  • Is the installation possible without killing XP and all installed programs?

I remember from years ago that you need to install some boot manager for selecting which OS to start, but can’t remember if there are any requirements which OS must be installed first or what implications it has to an existing OS!?

Any help appreciated!

Well, as for which Linux distro I’d recommend I’d have to say RedHat. It is very popular and on-line help is very easy to come by. Also, this sounds like it might be for work and RedHat is the most popular distribution used in the workplace. However, there are numerous other distributions (see so you might want to do a google search for “choosing a linux distro” or see: … stro1.html

I’ve used RedHat in the past (6.0, I think 8.0 came out yesterday!) and it suited my needs. In the interest of full disclosure, I left my linux and Win2000 boxes on a shelf back in the Seattle and only brought my iBook with OSX to Taiwan.

Since you already have XP installed, check out … 805,00.htm
for an example of installing RedHat 7.3. I imagine 8.0 would be similar. The distros tend to be pretty big downloads but if you decide to go with RedHat I seem to recall being able to pick it up at your local 7-11. Don’t know if it includes Chinese of English docs, but either way you’ve got the internet for help.

Good luck!

I installed Mandrake 9.0 last week and Redhat 8.0 just today.

Both are very easy to install. Both recognized my hardware( gfx, sound, network, monitor) with no input.

During setup it’ll ask you where’d you’ll like to install. Just choose that second partition and it takes care from there.

The default Boot loader, which is ‘Grub’ gets installed with no fuss. Just remember, when prompted where to install the boot loader, choose MBR.

Mandrake installs in 15 mins. flat. Redhat takes alittle longer ~22 mins.

Both look awesome. Easy to configure.

But I’d recommend Mandrake 9.0 because it’s targeted to the normal desktop user. Less post-install configurations to make. E.g It’ll auto mount your windows partition, on your first login, which is neat, and you don’t have to muck around with your fstab file or in linuxconf, as in Redhat.

The neat thing about Redhat is its new theme ‘Bluecurve’ and how KDE and GNOME have a consistent look. But you won’t miss anything.

Go for Mandrake 9.0, and good luck!!!

Thanks for the advise. So can I conclude that installing Linux will most likely not affect (kill) my XP partition?

And where to find Mandrake 9.0 or Red Hat 8.0? I tried the obvious (like T-Zone) but they only had Red Hat 7.2 …

You can get Mandrake from
or you can get Redhat from

These will be very large downloads.