Windows XP For Dummies, besides Amazon?

Just bought my first PC. About time!

Not too clued up on XP though. Where could I purchase a copy of ‘Windows XP For Dummies’? Or any similar manual?

The bookstore in 101? Or do you have copy you wanna flog?

I’m in Taichung.


Whilst I haven’t been to Page One for ages, last time I was there theywere loaded with ‘for dummies’ books. I suggest try there.
By far the best (that I’ve seen).

[English computer books

What you can do is research a couple of books on Amazon (or similar) and go down there with the ISBNs in hand. If they don’t have it they might be able to order it for you (that what I didn’t once). It seems that the Dummies books aren’t the best you can do, but I’ve used them before in the past.