Windows xp repair feature?

i remember that i’ve seen an explanation here once on how to repair windows xp, but couldn’t find it anymore. sorry…can someone please post the info or the link again?

I’ve got another questions and that is why I’ve opened a new thread.

I have win xp on my computer, but don’t have the original cd as the computer came with it already.
what if I use a friends xp cd to repair my own computer. does that do some harm since it is not the same version, but a OS 版?


You can use any CD to install or reconfigure your windows. If your hard disk is big enough copy the i368 folder. This folder holds all the .cab files you need to set up windows.

To find the repair feature right click on My Computer, choose properties and choose the repair register.

Thanks for the hint. so what if I don’t copy the 1386 folder? will i get trouble?

It should be ok so long as you have the OS disk. It shouldn’t matter when you repair it.

No need to copy the folder. Just makes it more convenient when you change your system. Of course you should edit your registry as well than.
You only might get trouble if you don’t own the license for windows XP.

So i can’t just put in the cd and run the repair option? where and how do I change my registry. or better, can i not change it? i don’t want to mess with my computer, seems to be very sensitive lately…

[quote=“mesheel”]So I can’t just put in the cd and run the repair option? [/quote]Yes you can, it will reinstall Windows and keep most of your settings. Because you are reinstalling Windows you will have to re-update all your patches. If you have installed a service pack, print this out before you install so you won’t have problems with your internet when you downgrade, or have your service pack on a CD: … -us;329441

Why do you need to repair it anyway ?