wine--ISO the Taiwanese "two buck chuck"

Have you heard of this? Decent wine in the US for about $2.00. Okay, okay, now I’m not talking about wine that will pass the test if you are a connoisseur. I’m talking about decent, cheap wine.

So does anybody know which cheap wines (under 300NT, or even ((gasp!!)) under 200NT) are decent? Wellcome? Costco? RT-Mart? Thanks.

wine’s goddam expensive in taiwan… a nasty side effect of the 50% import duty, and 230% commodities tax imposed on wine imports by our friends at what until recently was the “taiwan tobacco and alchohol monopoly”… not to mention the expense caused by the legal requirement to re-label all bottles in chinese before export from the country of origin…

that said from time to time you can still get acceptable “table wine” at fairly cheap prices at Carrefour or Yumaowu…

Lots of good stuff for under $300. Bought a bottle of white once for $197 (though i wouldn’t really recommend it… well, maybe for cooking).

check out this thread

thanks guys… and for the thread too. I would love to hear some more ideas–names, please! I have no idea how to pick out a good wine (can taste the difference, but that’s not allowed in supermarkets, apparently).