Wine Shop with a good Port Wine Selection?

Does anyone know of a wine shop in the Taipei area that has a good selection of vintage Port Wines?

If no one knows which shop has a good selcetion of Vintage Port wines, what about the shop in Taipei with the best selections of Wine or alcohol in general.

Try the Xiang4mu4tong3 (Oak barrel). They have a number of shops spread out around Taipei. The one that comes to mind right now is just on the crossing of Kuangfu and Nanking. They have pretty much everything you may need, and some more, I’m sure. The supermarket at Breeze also has a decent selection (for Taiwan standards) of single malts, NT$1800 and up, which is a fair price (for generally overpriced Taiwanese standards).

Good port and a dish of walnuts. Mmmmmmmm… Actually, the Oak Barrel (aka Drinks) outlets have what I consider to be one of the best collections of single malts in Taipei, and they are mostly far less than NT$1,800.
I’m not talking about that crap manufactured for export – Glenfiddich, Chivas et al – but proper whisky. Try Cragganmore or some of the Islay malts.

Oh, the one on Sungjiang N. Rd and Minchuan E. Rd. has two or three ports.

Come to think of it, they (Breeze supermarket) had a few different ports as well. I’m not sure what you mean by vintage, but what they had was expensive enough to be locked up behind glass doors so as to be out of reach of mere mortals.

heart-warming news on the radio recently – import duties on the water of life will be cut after WTO entry.
I like the X Barrel places too. In my local (on Chunghsiao opposite the Fuhsing MRT stop and down a bit) they always have several whiskies to taste. I can browse my way through a merry half hour in there.

Yeah, I’ve been waiting for the WTO thingy to happen for a year now. We may even be able to buy a reasonable mc when that finally happens.

Just got myself a bottle of decent malt at the Drinks place that Salmon was talking about. Just wanted to add that he prices are similar to Breeze, where the 1,800+ are all 17-18 year old whiskies, and the prices for those at Drinks where more or less the same. I didn’t realize that they’ve started selling that much whisky there.

Finally, an important question: does anyone know where I can get a bottle of Laphroaig here in Taipei?

Hey Hobart,

The Drinks place on Chunghsiao had vintage port, three or four of them. They were even called Vintage Port, kid you not.

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Best wine in Taipei by far:

A small wine shop on Ren Ai Road, right next to Georg jensen, the silversmith. Aussie wine, which we all know is miles better than the french shite, and reasonable prices - starting from about 750. Not a bad bottle in the place.

Restarurants with good wine? Star Wine and Dine - steak place, 147 Hangzhou south road, nr the Chiang Kaishek place. This guy really looks after his wine and gives a good price (for Taiwan) Expensive but hi quality.

vintage port - try downstairs at the wine society which is on Yanji Jie, near the corner of Ren Ai and on the section between ren ai and chunghsiao.

Wine shops i know of aside from Drinks.

An Ho Rd. & Hsin Yi (walking down An Ho Rd. opposite direction of Pucci bakery towards the Fire house on corner, believe it is heading directionally south go past Tickle My Fantasy)These two are about 10-15 minutes walk from the

Two wine shops here one is called Evergreen (Green / Orange sign) and next door is La Tour (named after that famous French wine). Liu Zhang Li MRT, granted you walk up Le Li Street.

There is another Evergreen on Ba De Rd. Sec. 2 diagonal from the Sunrise Department Store. Store is next to crosswalk area. Can’t miss it. Find the firehouse, and look across the street. Take buses 257/202/203/205/52/276/74 all drop you at the sunrise dept. store.

If you are coming from the Nanjing East Road MRT station, there is another close by the exit if you walk right straight out the station, past the sincere dept. store, up to Chang Chun Rd. Turn right and you will see this wine shop on your right. Should take you about 5 minutes walk our of MRT Station.

There is a wine shop called Da Tong righ next to the NanJing East Rd. MRT station that is on FuHsing North Rd. If you exit the station you want to go towards the Chang Hwa Bank (yellow and red one) and the wine shop is to the right on Fu Hsing. They carry a great selection of California wines too. FYI.

This is shops other than Drinks and obvious department stores.

Out of all the Drinks store, you can probably get the best selection from the sung chiang rd and Min chuan rd. That’s the main store.


Yep, the Drinks store mentioned in the previous post is by far the best of the chain.

Thay also have a special “Explosive 911” three for the price of one deal, with a cute picture of an airplane on the banner.

Wasn’t someone on here moaning recently about Bin Laden jokes? He should check out one of the Drinks outlets and really give his blood pressure a workout.

Maybe he could suggest to them an “earthshaking 921 – prices crushed and mangled” offer.