Wing chun Kung fu

Learn traditional Wing Chun kung fu. Practical self defence, also great for health. Get both health and a high level of self defence ability. Beginers and advanced all welcome. Learn directly from Hong Kong wing chun teacher of 30 years Master Francis Szeto. Master Szeto teaches all students personally. Learn as fast as you are able. No holding back in teaching and no secrets just real Wing Chun Kung fu. Foreigners are taught equally to Chinese (no racial discrimination of any sort). Learn in one year what it would take you to learn at a commercial school in five!

Classes held every evening and private weekend classes given at very reasonable rates.

2nd Floor, Number 7, Section 2, Hang Zhou South Road, Taipei. (right behind the Chiang Kai Shek memorial hall).
Tel (02) 2351-9843 Mobile 0958 233 005
Master Szeto also speaks very good English as he is from Hong Kong.