Winners from the 2009 Grammy Awards

This is the one that stands out for me. A sorta-mainstream group can branch out and still make credible music that’s listenable for both children and adults, plus they still make “regular” albums. TMBG have made three children’s albums thus far and sold a million of the latest one, “Here Come The 1-2-3s”.

That’s what really sucks about living in Asia so long, being out of touch with music subculture. I hate North American “top 40” but that’s all you get over here. I’ve been a TMBG fan since the album, “Misc. T”.

wow, yeahhhh I remember my sister listened to them a lot lightyears ago. I’m soooo creeped out by Lil Wayne. It’s that grid in his mouth…But he kindof looks like a human Predator…thats hot.

I’m glad Radiohead at least got the Alternative Music Album award… IMO “In Rainbows” should have decimated Coldplay’s ho-hum pop effort for Rock Album of the Year, but I guess you don’t make many friends in the music biz by setting the precedent of giving your albums away for free… Cool performance from Radiohead as well using live percussion and brass to make the synth and drum sounds on “15 step”… :thumbsup:

I cannot fucking BELIEVE Jimmy Sturr won for best Polka Album - these awards are so fucking MAINSTREAM and never deviate off the fucking beaten track. FUCK!! :fume: :fume: :fume:

When will the recording industry get its fucking ACT together??!!?!?! Polka Family Band’s “Hungry For More” was progressive, cutting edge stuff with its soaring accordion work and majestic tuba solos.

Never again gonna follow this hollow sham of an awards ceremony!!