Winter dandruff

The winter months really get my dandruff going, far beyond the protective capacity of your standard Head & Shoulders.

How does one deal with this here? Any especially good products or practices?

I used to be snowing on my t-shirts it was that bad. I would brush it off my shoulders. Then I found Head & Shoulders which mostly controlled it.

However, in the past few years, I’ve found something that totally stops my dandruff - I stopped washing my hair so much. I still shower once or twice a day, but no products in my hair, I just rinse my hair as much as I would if I was using shampoo.

In the beginning, I would wash my hair just once or twice a week. Now, I only use shampoo before I get my hair cut, about once every month to six weeks.

The benefits are - no dandruff. The major drawback is that your hair is more coarse. I use Aveda for men to style. (For me, more coarse is actually a benefit as it give my hair more volume.)

Why this works (my guess): the soap is drying out your scalp.

How about conditioner?

And any smell?

Ditto with the no shampoo/conditioner every day. Just use water to wash it. Doing this eliminated my dandruff and itchy scalp.
I actually tried to stop using both at all, but my hair developed a mind of its own and was hard to style. Now, every few days I’ll use shampoo/conditioner to beat it back into submission.

My hair has no smell (good or bad) when just washing with water. Of course using shampoo/conditioner gives it a good smell.

I remember one fellow used to tell me that if you want to get rid of dandruff, you should stop eating an excessive amount of dairy products. I used to have a problem with dandruff in my hair when I was a kid, because I used to add milk for my cereals everyday each morning. I never liked drinking the cow’s milk straight from a glass but I would eat cereal with it. And later as I became a teenager, my parents started buying non-dairy milk made from soy, nuts, and tofu. By then, I noticed that I never had dandruff problems ever again.
But from what I recall, the real difference was made when I was 15 years old. My cousin and his friend from Montreal, Canada came to visit my family, and my cousin’s friend one day decided to give me a haircut, but when he noticed the flakes from my scalp, he used the clipper to scrape off all that dry stuff off the top of my head, because I have always had a lot of hair on my head, and I never had my hair cut short in a while. Part of that was caused by higher consumption of milk in the past, and that plus keeping a thick amount of hair has lead to this problem. So two things were done to make a difference, cut my hair short and clean off the flakes to make my scalp more healthier, and stop consuming dairy milk.

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Some ‘dandruff’ can be a fungus infection actually. Like HK feet.

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Don’t wear dark colored clothes. Problem solved.


Do bald people get dandruff? I never even thought about that… :thinking:

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That and eating large amounts of food that encourage yeast production in your GI tract.

More coarse hair would be nice, but don’t you eventually have to wash it with soap/shampoo when it gets oily? In my case that’s rather soon.

I saw somebody post a similar scraping story on reddit and they discovered it wasn’t dandruff but some kind of other buildup. I don’t drink milk and have almost 0 dairy in my diet, but thanks for the story.


Try it for a few days. And, like mentioned by two of us, rinse your hair thoroughly. Just like you would if you were using shampoo.

Smell - none. (I’ve asked gfs, they can’t tell I don’t use shampoo)

Oily - only if you don’t rinse. But your hair won’t be ‘silky soft’

Someone else here had issues styling hair, my recommendation is to buy good (expensive) product. I only use Aveda, and that’s what my hair smells like.

I’ll be honest, I hate having to use shampoo now, but out of respect for my barber, I do it before a haircut. It just takes 3 or 4 days before it feels right again.

I don’t know what all this diet stuff is about. for me, too much soap causes my scalp to get dry and flake. I haven’t seen dandruff in years.

Any (white) bread. A diet that is mostly meat, whole grains, and fresh vegetables helps to curb it. But lots of pizza, pasta, and alcohol promotes production which in turn can cause dandruff.

I’ll try it out and be thorough.

What’s the deal with needing to wash it before a cut?

So I’ve been doing this more or less since it was suggested, almost 2 weeks now. No hair products.

I think the dandruff has reduced slightly but definitely is nowhere near gone.

How long did it take you to see results?

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Jojoba and argan oils help me. I think sometimes dandruff is from dryness.