Winter in Kaohsiung

Is the climate in Kaohsiung such that it is pleasant to live there in winter without a heater? Or is just a little better than Taipei, but not really great either?

And how about air pollution which seems to be a problem in Kaohsiung in winter? Any area there which is less polluted?

Thank you.

Air pollution in the winter is absolutely horrid.


So better freezing in Taipei in winter than getting long-term health damage from the horrible air in Kaohsiung?

There hasn’t been any serious pollution this year in Kaohsiung.


Maybe too early and still to come? Over the last few years the worst months seem to have been December/January as far as I could find out

I guess if you’ve been living there for 20 years you might think this way.

By any objective measure, the air pollution in Kaohsiung (and Tainan, Taichung, etc.) is bad.

Right now much of Kaohsiung is Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups:

A lot worse than Taipei right now:

But if the data doesn’t convince you @Shui , you should go and check it out for yourself. Spend a week or 2 there. I was there for a few days a couple of weeks ago and the haze didn’t leave any doubt about the air quality.

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I think this guy is a government propaganda artist. He said the same nonsense when I asked about it last year, but really it is quite bad. Maybe he just doesn’t have the faculties to detect pollution subjectively, like looking at a tall building or mountain and noticing the haze (the latter of which are often completely obstructed compared to the summer, depending on your vantage point), or as RBE pointed out, maybe he just cannot read numbers.

The pollution has been as bad as it was last year (i only have these 2 years as experiencial reference), and it basically lasts from October until May, ramping up heavily November to April. You can see it, and smell it, on a daily basis. If you watch the mountains like I mentioned earlier, you can see the difference after a few days of heavy rain, which have washed some of it down into the ground to partially reveal the mountain, then a few days later the mountain is obscured again. Again depending on the view, if you see the water, the horizon line is literally transformed into a gradient.

You could benefit from a heater in December, January, and February - especially some times in January - but it’s not really a big deal.

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Just because I have a different (correct) opinion I am a propaganda artist?

This thread hasn’t had much activity this year. That alone is pretty telling.

And/Or you can’t distinguish pollution (as I mentioned), and/or you don’t actually live here.

I didn’t realize that the amount of people posting on this forum about a particular problem was the barometer of its impact or legitimacy. Better tell all the governments to stop measuring data and we can just let the forum posting frequency indicate the severity - or according to you even the existence - of any such (probably completely theoretical) problem.


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Kaohsiung has bad pollution all year round but it is extremely bad in the winter. The first time I visited was in December, and I got an eye infection (I think from the pollution). I remember the moment I got off the train the pollution hit me like a brick wall, it really is horrible.


Lol. Nice try.

Why not? When people stop talking about a problem chances are the problem no longer exists, or at least has become less noticeable.

Nice try what?

Are you saying Kaohsiung doesn’t have bad pollution?

There is no pollution at all in summer.

Every time I have been, in both winter and summer there has been pollution, and when compared to Taipei it is bad. Maybe you have got used to it. Do you live there?

No. In summer Kaohsiung’s air quality is always good. Even better than Taipei.

Is there data to prove that? Unless its all psychological, I have always felt Kaohsiung has more pollution than Taipei in the summer, and obviously more in the winter.


Perhaps I’ve always visited on especially polluted days, or perhaps whatever is in the air isn’t pollution. Either way, I wouldn’t want to breath it everyday in the summer or the winter.

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Is December summer?