Winter Olympics 2006?

It seems there are no cable TV for Olympic action.
Where can we follow the Winter games?

Cross country skiing, ski jumping, alpine skiing, biathlon, combined - anything with skies are of interest.

Where can we see the action?

Maybe one of the sports bars or anywhere ele you can get satellite. The last winter olympics four years ago were completely ignored on local TV, not a single minute was broadcast. Not so strange, though, considering the local lack of winter. Can’t remember what it was like in 98, too long ago.

I saw the opening last night and Taiwan seemed to be represented by at least one sportsman. A bobsledger I think. :sunglasses:


Estonia won a gold medal!
[/color] :beer:

OK, maybe you don’t get the village mentality we have in small countries, but my whole family were in tears when they played the national anthem! :slight_smile:

That’s fantastic, Notsu! Three cheers for Estonia! :bravo: :bravo: :bravo:

The Tavern-Premier shows a wide range of live events on three channels, will post the major ones we show on our web page under events late today.

Please post when your schedule is ready, so we can start some Winter Games planning.

Thanks!! :notworthy:

Two days passed and Austria has just 2 silver medals. That sucks.

Especially “loosing” the men’s downhill race with a 2nd place behind a FRENCH. That’s a national desaster. The football team can loose 10:0 but if the skiraces get 2nd it will be still worse. :wink:

TC: I can’t wait for the hockey games :slight_smile:

Posted what we know so far and for sure till including this Thursday. Due to needed translation, will only be able to post additional showings this evening. Anyway go to and click on Torino 2006 on the top left hand side.

Is the volume on during the coverage or is it muted. I expect that the hockey finals will be with sound right?

Obviously big games (i.e. Hockey) would be with sound.

Congratulation to our Swedish neighbours with 2 GOLD!!! :sunglasses:

PLEASE where can i see the figure skating events? the Russians are going to fight for all 4 golds and i, being a russian, cant even see it??? :noway: Do u guys have any clue where it is possible to watch the figure skaters of the olympics??? :help:

There are two problems with Figure Skating. Problem number one, broadcasts are at insane late/early hours here. Second the Russians are going to win most medals anyway which is much the same as when I was an active figure skater, only then also the East Germans won a lot but they are no more so yes, Russia should get four golds! I have further updated the torino 2006 schedule on our web page.

:roflmao: :roflmao: :bravo:

No pictures please.

Former Gymnast

Ohh yeah!!!
Please post some pictures, pretty please!! :notworthy: :notworthy:

Difficult to believe, isn’t it but I have pictures to back it up!

:roflmao: :roflmao: :bravo:

No pictures please.

Former Gymnast[/quote]

That requires a picture


You see, there are lots of unknown talents in Taipei’s bars! Not sure when bob became a “former” Gymnast. For me, I changed the boots to play hockey instead of jumping around when I started to get those funny looks in the changing room.