Winter Olympics Beijing 2022

Is there a thread?

Edit: Not looking for political discussion.

Edit again: Support the athletes.

Opening ceremony today. MOD Channel 201 now.

They just now placed the torch.

Sorry to the OP.

But it looks like it is the first time that a country with a government that does not respect human rights holds a big sporting event.

Spoiler: it is not going to be the last time either.

I’ve heard all the snow is artificial. Apparently the organisation believes China has no regions with natural snow this time of the year.

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It seems that they’ll let anyone carry the torch these days.

Yeah but they have a great light show.

I’ve been wondering how/why there hasn’t been any chatter about the Winter Olympics on here…

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Teams are walking in now. Maybe rerun or delayed.

Malta only has women participants

I suggest respecting @tango42’s request and talk about sports (as in athletes trying to win medals) here.

If anyone wants to talk about the political side of it, open a separate thread or discuss it in the many already existing threads about China.


Cool runnings

What does that mean?

(The first interpretation that sprang to mind was 2 testing positive, or being claimed to have tested positive, for the virus that purportedly isn’t in Taiwan.)

Jamaica showed up

Japan has a large presence, the largest ever in Beijing, predominantly women

Chinese Taipei (Taiwan) has 3 people walking out with a flag but they mention 5 participants so…

Ukraine is present

Hungary one of few attended every Olympics but only won a gold medal four years ago

Finland has the highest percentage of Olympic medals per capita

Croatia one family has won 10 of 11 Olympic medals

Albania has 1 Olympian this year.

Azerbaijan has 2.

Latvia has huge group.

Great Britain Charlotte Banks a favorite

Romania only one of 309 medals were won during winter games

Belarus is predicted to win 45 medals

USA 177 members huge group. Look damn happy

American Samoa flag carrying guy has no shirt on must be chilly

Virgin Islands the one participant tested positive for covid so has another person carrying the flag

I will stop this reporting when my wine is finished

Haiti first winter Olympian participant

Philippines has 1 participant

Slovakia one woman has won all three of their
previous gold medals

Portugal has three participants never won a gold winter medal

South Korea the best colored hair in addition to lots of previous medals



Germany looks like half of the country showed up to participate

Moldova female dancer and accountant will participate in the luge

Monaco Prince Albert showed up and he participated in five bobsleds previously.

Australia some of the participants have never seen snow before

PRC won 62 medals previously.

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any places to watch events besides MOD for those of us who have cut the cord?

Events schedule is here;

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Luge hitting 130km/hr +

I did it for the world cup or something once, it was OK. Not 4k or anything probably

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Not even close. The first time was probably Nazi Germany hosting the 1936 Olympics. Since then Russia has hosted twice (1980, 2014) and China had already hosted in 2008. I’m sure there’s a couple other authoritarian regimes that have done the Olympics as well!