Winter sports near Taiwan

Rumour has it (and i can imagine) there is no snow or other arctic weather in Taiwan outside of the top of 玉山 Jade Mountain.

Where do Taiwan folk go to get their snowboarding kicks? I imagine Japan is the go to place, with maybe the Eastern spine of Korea a close second? Any other locations that I’m not aware of, on the mainland or any other place?

One of the things I love most about Taiwan is : no winter sports!!! The hockey madness in Canada drives me crazy; I can’t stand it.

But if it is your thing - Japan and Korea for sure.

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I shamelessly included 玉山 for Jade Mountain even though i don’t understand any chinese because i’m edgy and flexing on the internet

There was a ski lift on Hehuanshan I believe many eons ago. It got trashed because not enough snow.

“The mountain range also features the remains of a ski lift, reportedly used by Taiwan’s elite during the martial law period and inaccessible to most people. The unreliability of snowfall has meant that the ski lift was abandoned years ago. Remains of the ski lift mechanism are still visible to hikers on the east peak trail.”

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