Winter vomiting bug -ugghh

My kids started projectile vomiting a few days ago straight after breakfast. Synchronized vomiting. If you’ve seen aliens you have an idea of the mayhem caused. Went to the doc who wasn’t sure what which disease it was but one of the vomiting bugs. Poor kids were wrecked but recovered the next day.

Yesterday evening…our turn. Nausea, vomiting, diahorhea, headache, lack of sleep, lethargy, thirst… Nasty Nasty bug.

Two days later feeling about 85% now.

Did this bug exist when we were kids? First time I have got it… Rough and seemingly cannot build immunity to it as the virus mutates constantly!

makes me want to throw up ! NO, seriously hope you guys are ok, and its an easily conquered bug

OH could it be the norovirus thats a problem on cruise ships?

Thought i read that its made an appearance over there.

Thanks, we are finally getting better, to top it all off we all had colds before it (which probably dropped the kids immunity and got them infected and then us) and I also had a minor crash (only one driver involved, ME). What a week.

I think it is the norovirus that is a global epidemic seemingly. Just goes to show these things can spread so rapidly, luckily it is not generally life threatening but in terms of trying to protect yourself from infection it seems very difficult, once it gets in the household you are done for!

It does sound like norovirus. Highly infectious. I read an account somewhere of someone vomiting at some kind of reception and the whole room coming down with it. Yuck. No doubt it’s going through the schools and it’ll be our turn soon enough.