WinXP service pack 2

Though I don’t have Windows installed, and don’t plan to, I do have friends who use Windows. And right now I’m being asked for some advice by these friends who want to install the Windows XP service pack 2. I’m not going to install it for them, but they want to know if they should buy the CD. And they’re using pirated Windows.

I’m hearing conflicting information about whether or not you can install SP2 on the pirated WinXP edition that has the same serial number everywhere in Taiwan (and the world). I looked at the Microsoft web site for the official line:

Microsoft indicates you can’t install SP2 on XP with an illegal ID, unless you hack the Windows registry to change the product key. But some other sources tell me that SP2 will install OK even with the illegal PID number.

Well, I don’t really know. Has anyone tried it? Heard anything from a reliable source?

I actually hope it doesn’t work (more recruits for Linux). But I do want to give my friend(s) an honest answer (which at the moment is “I don’t know”).


depends on the serial key they use. it is not too difficult to change the serial key, so just check the net and you will get a detailed manual for them. but of course you will still need a vaid serial key

There has been a lot of questions on this about and Microsoft is really in a bind on this one. I have read many things saying it won’t install, but because Microsoft is needs to fix all the major issues, it is being “allowed” on those machines not using the “legacy” codes, as they put it. I do know that in May, they said flat-out that it would not install. In July, the story was that all machines could install it. None of the pages I normally read have attempted it yet.

The problem with SP2 though I have faced is not serial numbers. I attempted to load a copy of the Service Pack 2 from the official Microsoft Development Network website on my work laptop yesterday, I ran into the problem described here … d=23905071 . Pretty much it is a Blue Screen of Death when attempting to start Windows. I finally just repaired the copy of Windows, reloaded all the laptop drivers, reloaded all the security updates, blah, blah, blah. I haven’t yet tried to reinstall the Service Pack yet. I have two XP machines at home, one is for gaming, something Linux is still working on, and my wife’s computer, neither of these will be getting the Service Pack for several months, if ever.

Ah the joys of Windows 2000 Professional. :slight_smile:

Yes you can install SP2 onto a copy of Windows XP with a pirated ID. However MS did blacklist the MOST widely used keys, if you change your key or know how then you can simply install it no problem.

The reason for this is they want as many computers protected with the new security updates etc. even if they have pirated copies.

SP2 install is smooth and i’ve had no problems with anything since the install.

I’ve installed SP2 with no problems so far.

brycev is right about MS just blacklisting the most frequently used pirated product keys. This isn’t really anything new. They did the same thing in SP1 and the pirates just switched to using different product keys. They’ll probably do the same thing this time.

After repairing the original Windows installation and nstalling the SP2 for a second time, everything seems to be working fine, except for the fact that it recognizes I have Nortons and I am currently up to date on my virus definitions, but the Anti-Virus watcher still says my AV protection is questionable.

Here is an official list from Microsoft of software that is having issues with XP SP2. Most of the issues simply require changing the firewall to allow certain ports to establish connections.

personally I would just turn off the MS firewall and use a real firewall. I use zonealarm which is free for individual use.

Installed SP2 and no probs so far.

However download (around 100MB) and installation took quite some time, around 2 hours.
Also ensure that your c: drive has at least 500MB of free space, the installation on my laptop failed during the first attempt because it was nearly full.
Didn’t have to repeat the download though, just the installation process.

Strangely the firewall now even works in our small office network where we share a common ADSL connection via a hub (as opposed to earlier and the help instructions).

Installed first time with no problems. I like the new wireless interface.

If it aint broke don’t fix it. I’m not having any problems with my XP and I don’t plan on upgrading. I went to Microsoft’s page to see what was so great about it and it said something about the firewall being on as defult and making changes to IE. Unless I hear a really good reason to install it (and I won’t) it’ll never happen.

Speaking of serial numberss, I bought my copy of XP and lost the serial. I (a friend) called MS Taiwan and explained the situation. They had me fax them a copy of my CD and they gave me a new one. I wonder if it’s bogus (I’ve always thoguht so, but I can’t be sure).

I suppose the security is broke; that’s why MS fixed it. Who knows if it will work, though?

I don’t have anything to secure and my virus software has always consisted of me backing up stuff I want and reinstalling windows when it starts pissing me off (aka no virus scanners, this habit started back with 95). I did read an article that was either posted here or linked from somewhere talking about the responsabily one should have with ownership of a computer (or something) and having a virus scanner and firewall is the nice thing to do (to prevent it from spreading). That logically made sense to me so since I 'm computer savy enough to do it I got a firewall and virus scanner. I guess this new update is suppose to address these issues, but it seems like it’s for people who don’t know how to take care of their PC’s (they should have bought a Mac).

AFAIK SP2 combines all the bugfixes to date and offers some improved security features, so it’s a recommended update - in particular if you haven’t done any updates before.

SP2 does not replace the need for a virus scanner or a firewall (i.e. you have to enable the XP firewall or install a 3rd party product).

[Edit] Just do add: IE has now a pop-up blocker built-in.

Yes, sorry, virus software is still needed, but the firewall is on by default with SP2. That’s what the microsoft page says anyway.

I’ve recently reinstalled xp on my home system and allhas gone well, though when I tried it on two client/workstationsusing the same key each time as mine is the corporate release with SP1), I got a blue screen on the reboot following the update. Problem is that it flashes so quickly that I don’t have time to catch the error codes or addresses for reference

I took a look around and found some rather disturbing facts and articles about similar incidents.

Because most SW I run at work requires Windows. And I am not talking your standard office application (though I use that, too).

I use windows cause all the games run faster on Windows, than Linux, in fact, most games are not even available on Linux until many months later.

I tried XP service pack 2, messed up my ssytem, had to reinstall Windows XP…