Wire transfers


I am about to leave this fair island, but would like to leave my shares of UMC (which I bought at NT$90/share & are now at NT$50/share) here.
The securities company that holds my shares says that I can initiate a sell order over the phone from anywhere in the world and then they would roll my funds (in NT$) to my China Trust Bank account.

Here is where the fun starts. China Trust Bank says that there is no way to transfer the funds from my bank account in Taiwan to a bank account overseas unless I am physically present in one of their branches in Taiwan with my bankbook in hand. I am not willing to leave my bankbook with a friend here because I would like the option of sitting on this investment for a few years.

Does anyone know of any banks that do allow for a wire transfer initiated from overseas by phone, computer or whatever? I am not talking about ATM access either, because ATM’s usually limit your withdrawals to a certain amount.

Any help would be fantastic.


The Union Bank on Ming Sheng East Road between Fu Hsing and Tun Hua (north side closer to Fu Hsing than Tun Hua) has a full Internet Banking Service - including funds transfers.

They advertise every day in the Taipei Times Business Section for full address and contact numbers.