Wireless (GPRS) Internet without Guarantor (get it while you can)

As of last night (at least) KG Telecom (

Is that really 30 MEGAbytes per month, or did you mean 30GB??

By way of comparison, I go through between 5-10 GB per month on DSL, typically.

Like I said, this isn’t as a replacement for your current ADSL or cable service, it’s for the “mobile professional” etc. etc. Mostly for being able to send those time-critical e-mails and stuff like that, or contact the office via ICQ.

I’ve been measuring the stuff I do on the Net that is actually business critical and this should cover my needs for that stuff. For surfing Forumosa I seek other methods, however. :sunglasses:

With FarEasTone I pay NT$400/month for unlimited transfers. I am foreigner and I think 7 years ago when I signed up with FET I needed a guarantor. Not sure now. As for GPRS once you have their service it is simply an add-on.

By the way, I frequently read Forumosa and the Taipeitimes on my Sony Ericsson P800 using GPRS and the free Opera browser for the Symbian OS system. Quite fast actually, sometimes just as fast as my ADSL strangely enough!

From what I understand, they used to offer unlimited, but all the companies have now changed their plans as they see they can make more money this way.

When I get a chance, I will call FET to find out if it is really unlimited or not. Anyway, 30MB is pretty much unlimited in the realm of GPRS. I think it must have been more than a month already and I have only transfered 4.3MBs.

Does that include all your Forumosa surfing??

No only the reading of the headlines on the front page and the links at the other end of the headlines.