Wireless Internet Access in Taiwan (free or for cash)

Anyone know any places in HK with wireless internet? Maybe coffee shops or similar? Kowloon area would be best.

Free or cash payment is best. I know starbucks has it but I think you need to have a preexisting account to use it, or alternatively pay by credit card (which I don’t have).

The internet cafes seems to be getting harder to find, and don’e always allow you to upload and download files.

Thanks to anyone who can help!

Are you looking for a place in Taiwan (post subject) or in HK? Or both?

God what a retarded typo!

I’m looking for places in Hong Kong. I am on a visa run down here. Just arrived today.

Last time I was down here I found my favorite Internet cafe in Kowloon had disappeared and finding other places was a big hassle last time (all using old versions of windows that wouldn’t support my flash disk so I couldn’t download and upload files for work while here).

I just found a new place. Expensive. You buy a drink (minimum 45HKD) and then can use it as long as you like. Worst damn expresso I have had for 45HKD, but at least I am online and getting some stuff done.

Any Branches of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in HK? In Shanghai Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf have free wireless. That would be a better choice than the slightly scungy place I am in now.

Thanks for any suggestions people. I am down here for another couple of days.