Wireless Internet spots in Taichung

Saw the great list on Wireless Internet spots in Taipei and just wondered if anyone knows of places in Taichung that I can take my laptop and log on to the net. Cheers

Deserving of a good reply this one (especially as I need somewhere over CNY).
Anyone recs for good cafes or such, pref quietish & near Sogo / Science Museum area?

The Culture centre on Mei Tsun Road, but it’s closed over the holiday. I’ve also heard there is free wi-fi on Mei Tsun Road near Little Italy.



What spots? No more bumping, bored now.

If you don’t mind going a few blocks south on MeiTsun, Retro is really nice, has fast wifi, and has big tables and counters upstairs for people with laptops.



taiwanfun.com/central/taichu … Design.htm