Wireless PDA keyboards?

I have a 3 yr. old Palm Vx. I recently got an Acer N10 for myself & a Handspring Treo for my wife (both around NT$10k; btw, there’s a shop at Guanghua Shang Chang that has Vx’s for NT$4500).
The shop where I bought the 2 new PDA’s had a sleek, folding IR keyboard for around NT$2500, but it would work with the Acer unless it was tilted!
Does anyone know of another place that sells wireless PDA keyboards?

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I found a website with a folding keyboard that looks like the one I saw in the store at Nova.
If you scroll down it’ll also show you a list of PDA’s that the keyboard is compatible with.
Here’s another:
amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/de … 0?v=glance
The Targus one looks like a winner:

I’d recommend a trip to www.gozli.com . They had all the different PDA accessories when I looked. Plus they had the fold out keyboard that was compatible with my palm (but it was 3,500 :shock: ). I’d stop in there to ask any questions I had.