Wiring money from the US to Taiwan

One thing I notice is that bank numbers aka routing numbers are very short in Taiwan (e.g. 011 or something like that). If i gave my account number with my bank number, could my parents in the US wire me money? And could I wire money to my American account from any ATM?
How does this work?

I want to ask the bank myself but to carry a conversation of this sort of topic I’d need either a few weeks preparation or to find time to go there with my girlfriend when she isn’t working. If someone could break it down for me, I’d appreciate it. My bank is Huanan.

By 011 I’m assuming you’re referring to the bank prefix used internally in Taiwan when sending ATM payments. What you want is a much longer “SWIFT” number, plus the bank name in English, bank address in English, and the beneficiary’s (i.e. your) account number.

Print this out and show it to your bank:
為了收到國外的匯款 , 請幫我寫:
華南銀行(本分行)的 SWIFT 號碼: _______________________
華南銀行與分行的 英文名字:_____________________________

With the above info, yes. There will be charges, though, so don’t have them wire a small amount or it’s not worth it.

No, but you could take cash into your bank and ask to remit by wire, if you have the same info for your parent’s account and bank (including SWIFT #). Say “wo3 yao4 zuo4 hui4kuan3” for “I want to send a wire”.

Thank you.