Wisconsin gets Foxconned

Wisconsin paid Foxconn $2.8 billion for 13,000 jobs max. Northern Virginia only paid Amazon $589 million for 25,000 jobs that pay twice as much as Foxconn’s.

The state of Wisconsin made mutually agreed deal with Foxconn, so if it’s not favorable to the residents, it’s more like Wisconsin fucked it’s residents.

But idk how much you know about Northern VA. It’s one of the wealthiest areas in the country, I think it might be the wealthiest region overall. So it makes sense comparing to probably Wisconsin tbh.

To put in in perspective, Medium price of houses in NOVA is around 600k plus last I check.

Medium price for housing is around 200k for mount pleasant WI.

I live in Northern Virginia. Yeah, forgot about the cost of living adjustment. But on a job per dollar subsidy basis, Wisconsin should’ve gotten a better deal.

Yeah I stayed at great falls and Arlington for a bit.

But I’m thinking Wisconsin probably didn’t have a much leverage to get a better deal and had some outside pressure in making this happen. NoVa is filled with high paying jobs with a lot of corporate offices. I’m not sure what Wisconsin has but probably not even close to NoVa.

Terry Gou would’ve gone to another rust-belt state to get roughly the same deal.
Think of it this way, WI got something that other states would’ve gotten.
NYC and VA are going to regret inviting Amazon when their house prices go further through the roof and get higher property taxes.
Real estate agents’ phones were ringing off the hook in those 2 areas after the announcement.
Good luck finding affordable housing.


Fox con ? Well it’s in the name

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I read that Wisconsin conned them first. Made the bid and deal without stating they didn’t have the ability to provide the necessary local supply to handle such a large plant.

They originally were planning to make a large LCD panel production factory, but the local supply chain wasn’t able to provide the large glass panels.

I think it was a bit of false promises and overly optimistic on both sides.

Already own. https://goo.gl/images/VyQdzG

Announced at a White House ceremony in 2017, the 20-million square foot campus marked the largest greenfield investment by a foreign-based company in U.S. history and was praised by President Donald Trump as proof of his ability to revive American manufacturing.

Foxconn, which received controversial state and local incentives for the project, initially planned to manufacture advanced large screen displays for TVs and other consumer and professional products at the facility, which is under construction. It later said it would build smaller LCD screens instead.

Now, those plans may be scaled back or even shelved, Louis Woo, special assistant to Foxconn Chief Executive Terry Gou, told Reuters. He said the company was still evaluating options for Wisconsin, but cited the steep cost of making advanced TV screens in the United States, where labor expenses are comparatively high.

Reports say Hon Hai will turn WI site into place for engineers and researchers and products for industrial, healthcare, and professional applications.
Appears they’re getting squeezed on margins under greater overall market supply of larger size TVs.

Engineers and researchers. Basically a group with a very high percentage of ethnic Asians, Indians, Middle Easterners, East Europeans. I know the make-up of the research and engineer crowd in the US very well. That’s a far cry from what was originally envisioned (blue collar workers hired locally- lots of them).

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Wasn’t this entire story an episode of Silicon Valley??

No cheese makers?

Wow, you need to be in business for that long to actually realize that?


Good ol tax evading uncle Bob would load up his factory in Michigan with imported Korean workers. Docile, he said.

This is why I think efforts to bring manufacturing back to the US are misguided.

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You mean Scandinavians? Hmmm. I guess they’re very tech-savvy but I don’t see a presence of engineers and scientists in the US from that part of Europe. Or maybe they assimilate too well. Or maybe they don’t take the middle-level type of jobs and so I personally don’t have any contact with them. Anyway, getting back to the research center, I don’t see this playing out well. Wisconsin is overwhelmingly white and all these folks with weird accents moving in is going to piss some people off. Let’s see what happens. It should be interesting.

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Wisconsin has a worker shortage already. Where are they going to find 13,000 workers?

From China?

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