Wisdom at the Urinal...?

My curiosity makes me wonder how this Taiwan tradition started? These [somewhat] wise sayings above the urinals in men’s bathrooms… I find myself exposed to [what the cleaning lady thinks are] profound thoughts while standing at urinals in Taiwan… the profound thoughts of budda, or jesus, or mark twain or arnold swar-zenegger or a cartoon character or a quote from some lost TV commercial… like pops ups that can not be blocked…

Today one said “In a blind world, the one-eyed man is king…” well, quite a pun there… which one-eyed man are we referring to?

Does this really make Taiwan a better place? Or people better? Do men walk out of the restroom with a new goal in life after reading these great thoughts?!!! “Yes, above the urinal today, I found my special purpose in life!!!”

And even more curious to me… do the ladies rooms have profound sayings on the back of doors for woman to ponder? Or is this great opportunity for learning and philosophy only provided to men? If so, I say… women… take a stand!!!

There was once was a woman from Greeling
who had a peculiar feeling.
She lay on her back
opened her crack
and pissed
up at the ceiling.

They paint these walls to stop my pen. But the shithouse poet has struck again.

Those who write upon these walls, should roll thier shit in little balls,
and those who read these lines of wit, should have to eat these balls of shit.

What are you looking here for, the joke is in your hand.

ye who atands with cock in hand,
and pisses on the seat,
shall be hit with
a bag of shit,
and ye ass thrown in the street

Here I sit, broken-hearted
Spent a penny, only farted.

For sexy nob fun
Call IrishStu 2675-8874

How did these quotes above urinals get started in Taiwan?

This one is a good fit for rainy Taipei.

My school posts Japanese and English phrases, dad jokes, and snippets of Buddhist (?) wisdom. Elsewhere, I usually see some message about standing closer to the urinal so as not to drip on the floor. (Years ago, the ones at Shr Da explained “Because your John Thomas isn’t as long as you think!”)