Wisdom teeth surgery

How much does it cost WITHOUT insurance? My better half is a student and they only gave her emergency insurance.
Will it be cheaper at a dentist or hospital?
I’m 36 and still waiting for my turn…hope it never comes!

It’s not a lot. Few hundred NT$ at most, unless you go to a hospital and ask for a general anaesthetic; apparently it’s covered by insurance, but obviously it’ll involve several visits in total. What on earth is “emergency insurance”? Is that even legal? I believe it’s possible to pay your own NHI contributions if your employer/sponsor won’t. If you have to pay the full whack, a dentist visit for routine stuff is in the NT$1200 ballpark. Or at least it was, a few years ago. So I imagine you’d be looking at $6-$10K, but that’s just a guess.

Dentists are always telling me I need to get mine done, but I’m scared shitless. After your S.O. has had it done, maybe you can post an update on how bad it is :smiley:

Taipei Medical University hospital has some very good dentists, I had an extraction done there in February, and it did not really hurt - a little bit of feeling when they made it to the bottom. It was a broken root canaled impacted tooth, and it was hard to get out, IE several small pieces.

They are good at pain management skills, so I would go there for bigger jobs.

As it’s a teaching hospital it might be more expensive than the local dentist, I can see that they are being paid more by the NHI per procedure, but then again, they have more time for you.

BTW, they do not use gas just local anesthetic. I was hoping for some gas but nahh…just sat there while they took turns trying to get my wisdom tooth out. Dentist said foreigners have longer or deeper roots. They struggled for a while. No swelling after. Quick recovery. Did it at NTNU hospital.

Properly applied local anesthetic should take all pain, and nearly all discomfort.

I had a root canal done recently, and the doctor pust gave me a small shot, slowly applied. He only closed down the nerve he was pulling out, IE I felt him getting the dental dam in and I felt everything around the tooth, but nothing at all in the tooth he was working on.

Very impressive.

It really isn’t that big of a deal as long as it is a simple extraction. I know a couple of people that did all 4 at one time but that sounds horrible. Not so much for the extraction part but you need to be careful chewing for a couple of weeks IIRC.

I once did all four at one time. Hurt the extractor more than it hurt me. Never seen a Taiwanese of the non labouring class sweat so much!
Though it should be noted that I am of the variety that can take physical pain much more so than that of the psych. The worst thing I found about the whole ordeal was having to stare into those damn lights for so long.

I had 2 done and he did not numb them up very well, IE not at all. horrible. The other 2 were done by someone who knew how to apply novocaine.