Wise (formerly TransferWise)

Yes. Europe or the US. If you have a passport from one of these regions or countries then you just have it sent to a family or friend. After you can have them forward the card to you in Taiwan. That is what most of us do.

Still a breach of Revolut’s / N24’s terms and conditions if you open the account and lie about the country of residence or don’t inform them about the move to Taiwan within 30 days (which will probably cause them to terminate the account). Might even be a criminal thing in the US…

Or has anyone managed to change their address to Taiwan with Revolut / N24 and they let you keep the account?

That’s the difference to (Transfer)Wise: They actually allow to keep an account open and even support changing the residence address to Taiwan!

But will Wise still issue a Mastercard for you? I never dared to edit my address to Taiwan because I still want to use the card. Everytime it expires, they send a new one (to my parents place).

in First Bank I can fill this form online. no need for the branch.

@izzy What is this you speak of? Link? They always call me and tell me I need to come in. AND I have to go to the branch where I opened the account, not the one by my house.

Haha. Well ya :slight_smile: how can 1 branch know the details of customer in another branch?? :exploding_head:

I have a NTD and a USD account with First Bank and enabled online banking for both.
I transfer USD from overseas to my USD account here. Then, when I choose to convert them to NTD a pop up form comes up asking me to choose the nature of the funds (e.g. interest from overseas investment , funds to support expenses abroad etc.). next phase is to confirm the transaction again using my e-banking password and you are done.
I have doing it for about 3 years now without having to go to the branch.

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For this, most people still have to visit their bank. Or answer the Q over phone.

I used to as well. However, the last few years I was able to do it all online without going to the branch or phone calls. I don’t know about other banks, but at least in First Bank it is possible.

No idea - I am not using the card, so not sure if it still works now after changing the address.

In theory, it would be possible with E.Sun too. But I have another issue there: Remittance code - which one to choose? - #5 by qwert_zuiop

@izzy Do you need to select a remittance code too? Which one do you chose?

yes, you need to choose remittance code. you choose according to the case, if it is work related or family related etc.

Which codes do you usually use? For me, the most fitting ones are unavailable online…

i don’t remember the exact code number, the overseas family member remitting to Taiwan one. This is actually my case. I guess if you get a remittance from an LTD company and not a private person its not possible to use this code.

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