Withholding forms from two companies


I am in the peculiar situation where I have two withholding forms, from which I can supposedly claim back tax money owing to me because I stayed in the country more than 183 days during the January 1st to December 31st period.

The first is from the school that gave me my ARC and work permit. The other is from a company I was working for illegally. The one is Taipei County and the other in Taipei City. Is it possible to claim them both? Can I get the tax the company paid on my behalf back from the company if I was working illegally? Will the tax office ask for a copy of my work permit(s)?


Please see my comments in this FORUM under the “Tax question: One ARC, two incomes” topic.

The correct orientation is that you should file your ROC tax return before the end of March, and include all withholding statements. After your total income and total deductions are calculated, you will be eligible for a refund of any excess tax amount paid.

I do not see that you have a problem. If you have all your withholding statements, you can go to the tax office and they will help you fill out the forms. I believe that they start processing in late February.