Witnessing a passport application form

I’m currently applying for an Irish passport and need the form witnessed by a professional in order to complete it. But I’ve only been here 6 months and don’t know anyone who meets that description! Does anyone know of any solicitors or lawyers who could do this for me? Or can anyone suggest another way to go about this?


Yeah,. If it is anything like the UK form, they kind of have to know you for 2 (TWO!) years… BUT you can also ask a doctor or teacher if you’re UK citizen. I just checked the irish form it’s quite a lot different.

Good news: no time limit involved (it seems) and you can even ask your accountant for proof, as well as a few others. But I could see why you might have trouble. How about your current boss? Can he do it?


My boss might be an option, but I think an accountant or solicitor may be my best bet. I can’t rely on my boss for anything! Thanks for the advice, though.

Once I get something sorted I’ll post here for anyone else who might be in this situation.

I had a doctor in our company clinic sign and stamp mine several years ago, no issues with getting the passport, I had been in Taiwan for more than 2 years at the time though. If you have to send it through the Irish embassy in Beijing be prepared for a wait and a lack of information, if I remember correctly it took close on 2 months to get the new passport.

That’s disappointing to hear, but not terribly surprising. They initially told me four weeks, but that sounded a little optimistic. Still gives me plenty of time though, so cheers. Good tip on the doctor as well- my Taiwanese girlfriend has a family doctor who I’ve seen a few times. He might be able to help. Thanks.

Got this sorted in the Notary’s office in the end. Should have thought of that earlier…