Witnessing Sexual Assault by Club Security

Hello y’all. Last night I went to a club in Taipei and witnessed the club security guard sexually assault one of the patrons. The women was puking in a trash can and he helped hold her hair with one hand while the other was groping her ass.

30 seconds later some random guy grabs my ass from behind. I thought it was my boyfriend but no, just some random dude. Now, where I’m from I’m used to guys who harass terribly, so asserting myself to this guy was easy. I don’t need security or anyone’s help, but here’s the bigger picture.

First, what the security guard did was completely wrong.

Second, for women who don’t know how to stand up for themselves when men grab them inappropriately at clubs and they consider going to security, how can you trust security when they may be perpetrators themselves?

I made it apparent to the guard that I knew what he did without causing a scene. He played dumb but I know what I saw.

I’m trying to figure out how to approach this because as far as I know, I can’t prove anything. I’m not sure if I should contact the club, leave a review and warn people, or what?!

I also understand Taiwan’s libel and slander law exists so I’m trying to be careful with any action take.


Could post anonymous warning comments on places like Google maps.

Could go back and chat with management who may or may not care.

Was she wearing pants, skirt, etc.? Was he her friend and where were her friends?


I’m thinking posting an anonymous review is the best idea at the moment. I feel the safest doing that but we’ll see what other replies roll in.

She was wearing a short skirt so his hand was on her bare ass and underwear essentially.


Oh and no I don’t believe he was a friend. At first I tried to rationalize what I was seeing but no. He was also wearing the guard earpiece so he was easy to identify as security. At the end of the night I was leaving I saw him outside and asked if there was any other security and he said he was the only one.

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Can you say which club or kind of indirectly say which one ? And you are right you could get in trouble without video evidence etc, so best to keep your real name out of it.
They have a particular crime here called “picking up dead bodies”. Some guys drive around looking for very drunk.girls (young women) at night clubs , pretend they know them then carry them into their car or sometimes taxi and rape them. All the old timers here know about this.
It triggers me that security did that, so we need to get this club black listed. :rage:
Security is there to protect patrons. He was lucky I did not see that.


I’m sorry you had to witness this and then being assaulted yourself. Make your posts and warnings about the club and the security. But, next time…a picture/video is worth a thousand words. I assume you have a phone.

Girls getting drunk at a club is not a crime. Sexually assaulting them while they’re puking in the alley is. :rage:


Would you suggest I just leave a post as a forum here or is there a specific thread?

Yeah, it was terrible. Unfortunately I didn’t have my phone, it was in the locker so I could only make him aware I knew. Sadly, getting caught with no repercussions will mean it could happen again…


You did all you can imo. Not much to say unless you have evidence. It’s he says she says from people who are intoxicated.

My best advice is to don’t get wasted. Bad things happen when you are wasted. It’s just the reality of things.


Super helpful comment. I’ll be sure to tell the girl that got groped by security.


There’s nothing you can do in reality. You were both intoxicated, everyone was. There’s no evidence besides the word of someone intoxicated against someone who isn’t.

And it is helpful. There are bad people in this world, that’s the reality. When you’re drunk out of your mind, you are a easy target. All the instincts that protect you are out the window. If my buddy gets jumped going to the favelas in Brazil, all I can say is to not go there again.


I can do something to make people aware, whether they believe it or not. And is it? As if I didn’t know the world was a shit place? I came to Taiwan to leave a messy situation in my home country. I’m fully aware what happens and that shouldn’t mean I outta keep my mouth closed.


Taiwan has laws that make you liable to get sued for spreading rumors to hurt someone’s reputation. I would suggest you don’t go this route as a foreigner. It’s your word as a intoxicated club goer against the security. Unless you can get multiple eye witnesses, this is not the smart route for you.

If you do post something online, make sure it can never trace back to you. Best of luck. It’s awful what happened. But this is the reality of the situation.


Yes, of course I don’t want my name traced back. I’ve already witnessed abuse at my own school and although it stopped, I was in the same position before where I couldn’t say anything. I just know what I saw last night and if I can bring any awareness I can.


I really don’t know. I was thinking more along the lines of where online people who go to this club go. :idunno:

I run a big group on FB for club goers. I used to work in entertainment, so it was mostly for me to promote events as well. If you want, make an anonymous account and I’ll add you into the group and you can say what you saw.


Yep, got it haha. I’ll figure it out.

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Okay. Thanks, I appreciate it. I might reach out to you on once I’ve settled my mind more.

Send me.a PM if you decide that’s what you want.


Maybe check if there is a security camera in that alley? Google maps street view can help in case you don’t happen to pass by there.

Thank you for standing up to that security guy, even be played dumb he now knows that people notice. And very sorry you had to go through this.

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Nice one Andrew. That is good of you to do that. :+1: